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Tonight on TV: This is the last film by one of the great masters of world cinema

Austrian peasant Franz Jagerstatter (August Diehl) refuses to fight the Nazis. Found guilty of treason by the Hitler regime, he was sentenced to death. But driven by his steadfast faith and love for his wife, Fanny, and his children, Franz remains a free man.

This square is the setting for the sublime drama A Hidden Life, a soulful and melancholic work directed by Terrence Malick, one of the great masters of world cinema (whose favorite film is a Ben Stiller comedy!). A feature film inspired by the true story of Austrian farmer Franz Jagerstatter, who refused to be loyal to Hitler and was shot in August 1943 in a garage at Brandenburg Prison in Berlin.

secret life Based on the correspondence of Franz Jaegerstatter with his wife Franziska, collected by Erna Putz and published in English by Orbis Books. It was thanks to the research of the American pacifist Gordon Zahn, who visited the village where Jaegerstetter lived in the 1970s, that this story came to light.

The most affordable film from the seventh art giant

A film of great power and beauty, rich interpretations and brilliant lighting work, this profound film about unsung heroes is a visual poem from which you will not come out unscathed. A masterpiece that allowed Terrence Malick Returning to competition at the Cannes Film Festival, eight years after winning the Palme d’Or for The Tree of Life.

Movies Terrence Malick Known to be difficult and demanding. But secret lifeHis most accessible work will allow you, if you are not familiar with this great director, to discover his fascinating cinema.

Tonight at Arte at 20:55.

Source: Allocine

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