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WhatsApp will limit profiles that send a lot of messages

WhatsApp will automatically restrict profiles that send spam or carry out mass shootings; the new feature is still in development

OR Whatsapp wants to make the lives of those who use the app correctly a little easier. To do this, the app Objective prepare a function that will identify and limit the profiles that run spam and mass messaging by the messenger, preventing it from sending new messages for a certain period of time.

The news was anticipated by the WABetaInfo site, which investigated the codes of the Beta version of the messenger to find the new functionality. The feature is still under development, so you can’t try it even in the trial version of the app.

It is worth noting that talking about “sending a lot of messages” on WhatsApp is not about those who exchange multiple messages with various groups, friends and different contacts throughout the day. It refers to massive attacks, including the use of third-party programs, to quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of accounts at once, especially when this is done without authorization.

Furthermore, anyone using broadcast lists to share news should not face any restrictions in maintaining good usage practices.

Fight against spam

Currently, Meta already has a feature that identifies problematic message sending patterns in order to ban spammers. The novelty, therefore, would be a temporary “hook”, not a direct ban, which could serve as a warning so that violations are not repeated.

WhatsApp ensures that this type of mechanism does not read messages (since they are encrypted), but identifies the use of scripts for mass sending and also recognizes, so to speak, abusive patterns of sending messages via WhatsApp.

What happens to a limited account

Also according to WABetaInfo, when placed as “restricted”, an account is unable to start new conversations for a period (not yet revealed), but can still respond to pre-existing groups and individual chats.

In the future, WhatsApp will limit features in the profiles of those who send a lot of messages (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

Since this is a feature under development, there is no way to know for sure when WhatsApp will put it into practice. Until then, anyone who spams or spams Zap runs the risk of having their account banned – and if your account was accidentally banned there, don’t despair: FreeGameGuide teaches you what you should do.

Also discover eight reasons why your Zap account might be banned and avoid them to avoid headaches.

Source: WABetaInfo

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