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It’s Netflix’s next Korean series and it’s going to make some noise this June!

Netflix almost always thrives on its Korean series. While talk of a new Squid game is already starting, the platform is already preparing its next big release. It’s called Hierarchy and it’s out on June 7th, and the first teaser is very reminiscent of Elite as it takes us into the heart of a prestigious high school where two social classes collide:

Jooshin High School, created by the Jooshin Group conglomerate, is the most prestigious school in South Korea. Usually, only students selected at birth can attend this high school. These students are the first daughter of the family that runs Jaeyool Group, Jung Jae Yi. Jooshin Group heiress Kim Ri or international trading company’s youngest daughter Yoon Hae Ra. and Lee Woo Joon, the second son of a powerful family of politicians. While Kang Ha transfers to Joshin High School. Behind her innocent smile lies a secret. Joshin’s high school world then begins to crack.

K-dramas, a hit that never goes out of style

If Hierarchy doesn’t pretend to be the Korean version of The Elite, it still has all the ingredients, with the student murder at the heart of the first season. Between romantic intrigue and high school strife, we’re watching this new Netflix series for its originality, but also for its casting and the themes it could touch on.

Most of the Hierarchy actors have filmed for Netflix in the past, including Roh Jeon-Eui (Badland Hunters), Kim Jae-Won (Empire of Smiles), Lee Cha Min (Catching Up Love), Lee Won-Jung (The Extraordinary Lawyer Woo). .proof that the platform serves its growing values ​​and the genre that is a hit on its platform ( High school dramas) to attract subscribers.

Now it remains to be seen if they will be there on June 7th or if they are starting to lose interest in these products, which are all similar. The next test for Netflix will be before the end of the month with the release of Raising Voices, a Spanish drama set in a high school that should also make a big splash.

You will look Hierarchy ?

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