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Will ‘Penelope’ Appear Naked in ‘Bridgerton 3’ Part 2? Actress says ‘it was empowering’

Just days before the third season of ‘Bridgerton’ premieres, fans are already gushing about how much they loved the first four episodes, which focus on the romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

Giving a preview of what we’ll be able to see in the upcoming chapters coming out in June was Nicola Coughlan herself, who is today’s protagonist. We explain it to you.

Nicola Coughlan to work out in ‘Brigerton 3’: The actress has spoken about the scene

Although ‘Brigerton’ is a series that focuses on romance, in some cases it shows partial nudity scenes that have caused something to be discussed in the past. The 37-year-old actress commented that she will have a scantily clad scene in the second part.

In a recent interview with the portal “Stylist”, the actress revealed that she is excited about this scene that will happen in the second half of the season. She assured that it was entirely her decision to do so, as she had felt conflicted with her body.

“There’s a scene where I’m very naked on camera and that was my idea, my choice.” I just felt like the biggest “Fuck you” in all the talk about my body.

Coughlan explained that she worked closely with intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot on this season’s sex scenes. In fact, it was Talbot who helped her determine how much exposed skin she felt safe showing on screen.

“You say, ‘Okay, what do I want to show?’ What do I not want to show? What is written and what do I want to add? I specifically asked that certain lines and moments be included.”

Actress Penelope revealed what it was like filming nude scenes with Colin

In the past, the Irish actress has expressed that she has received harsh criticism about her body, which has affected her self-esteem. To feel better, he decided to take this step. which, in her words, made her feel “sexier” and better than ever.

Finally, she assured that both she and her partner Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton, felt comfortable recording the scenes, which made the job exponentially easier.

“At the end of the day, we were both laying under a blanket, no clothes on, just relaxing. We thought, ‘That’s what nudists do.’

When this little detail about Colin and Penelope’s intimacy became known on social networks, her fans congratulated her for ignoring the nasty comments and sending a positive message with her words.

The statements contradict the long-standing idea that Coughlan had asked Netflix to create a modified version of “Brigerton 3” without adult scenes. And this is because she comes from an ultra-Catholic family and wants her parents to see her act, but without appearing naked on the screen. The company is said to have agreed to this request.

This could mean that the version with risque scenes will be the one shown on TV, while the version without them will probably only be available in Ireland or the young woman’s family. However, no further details about it are known at present.

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