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Top Gun Maverick: Freeze frame during the beach match scene. Only one fan in the world noticed this detail and Tom Cruise was very impressed!

The second biggest worldwide success of 2022, still led by Tom Cruise 36 years after the original film, Top Gun Maverick won over all the nostalgic viewers and offered them a new flight, both spectacular and delightful, full of references and nods. A feature film by Tony Scott.

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Even if the bridges between the two films are easy enough to discover when we discover the sequel to The Adventures of Maverick (airing tonight on the M6), there is a small detail in the feature film so well hidden that only an internet user has succeeded. to be discovered within a few months of release.

This audible easter egg occurs midway through the film, during a sequence where the Top Gun school pilots play football on the beach before their mission, echoing the famous scene from the original film in which Tom Cruise and his teammates played beach volleyball.

Easter egg sound

While watching this excerpt, no doubt more than once, a woman named Emma pointed out that the cry uttered by the Hangman (Glenn Powell) was exactly the same as the cry made by Slider (Rick Rosovich) in the first film.

“My favorite party game is to show that the audio from the volleyball scene in 1986’s Top Gun was overdubbed for the football scene in Top Gun Maverick.”He posted on his X account.

An astute observation that didn’t elicit a reaction from the film’s editor-in-chief, Eddie Hamilton.

“It’s a totally intentional little wink.”

“Emma, ​​I’m glad you noticed that. It’s a totally intentional little nod to the original beach volleyball scene. Well done, well done.”she wrote in response to her tweet, which also impressed director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise himself.

“Tom and I were very impressed when Eddie showed it to us this morning at breakfast.”Posted by a director who is currently working on the final part of the Mission: Impossible saga.

Did you spot any other hidden details in Top Gun: Maverick?

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