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The Ages of the Bridgerton Brothers in Season 3 of the Show (They’re Younger Than You Think)

‘Brigerton’ is the show of the moment, thanks to its interesting plot and romantic scenes that make us believe in love. While there are various questions about the show, one of the most recurring is how old the siblings are throughout the seasons, and we have the answer.

The ages of the Bridgerton brothers in the three seasons of the show

Anthony Bridgerton

The viscount and firstborn of Edmund Bridgerton and Violet Ledger is the older brother of the family and from the first season he attracted attention for his beauty. In the book “The Duke and I” it is stated that Anthony is 29 years old, as is his brother-in-law Simon Basset. This means that for the second season, where he stars, he would be 30 years old and 31 in the current one.

Actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays him in the series, was 32 years old when he started his role in Bridgerton, so his age is not that far from his character’s age in literature.

Benedict Bridgerton

This young man enjoys social times with little pressure to marry, which gives him the freedom to focus on his artistic passions. In fact, in the final chapters he seems to be having an affair with a beautiful widow, although it is currently unknown if she will be his partner in the series or if his story will stick more in the written version.

Julia Quinn’s books explain that Benedict was born in 1786, so he would be 27 in the first season, 28 in the second, and finally 29 in the third. In fact, Luke Thompson, the actor who plays the character in question, was also 32 years old when he joined “Bridgerton” and the strange thing is that he looks younger.



The third son of the family, Colin, was born in 1791, and in the first season of the series he is only 22 years old, for the second he is 23, and in the new chapters of “Brigerton 3” he turns out to be a young man of 24 years old.

In the series, unlike Anthony, who married at 32, he marries Penelope at a younger age, which may be considered odd in the context of the Regency.

For his part, actor Luke Newton is currently 31 years old, which makes him actually play someone younger on screen.

Daphne Bridgerton

The young aristocrat is the first in her family to marry and she does so to Simon Basset. The Duke and I book specifies that she is 21 when her story unfolds, so in Season 1 she was the same age, in Season 2 she was 22, and in Season 3 where her brother Colin falls in love with Penelope, 23 years.

It turns out that actress Phoebe Dynevor just turned 29, which means she also played a character younger than her.

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise is a young Londoner born in 1796, which means she is 17 when the first season of the show aired, 18 in the second and 19 in the third.

Perhaps this information will surprise you, since the British performer Claudia Jessie, who has played the role since the beginning of the series, is 34 years old, so she plays a teenager in the melodrama.

Francesca Bridgerton

This character, who had a bigger presence in the new episodes, was born in 1797, which means he is 16 in the first season, 17 in the second, and 18 in the third.

Hannah Dodd is the actress chosen to replace Ruby Stokes in ‘Brigerton 3’ and in real life she is 29 years old, but thanks to her features, make-up and wardrobe she can play someone much younger.

Gregory Bridgerton II

Born in 1801, Gregory was 12 years old during Bridgerto’s first season
n’ according to the original texts, 13 during the second season and 14 during the third season.

The actor who plays Gregory, Will Tilson, was born in 2007 and is currently 17 years old, but his youthful appearance helped to disguise the fact that he is much older than his character.

Hyacinth Bridgerton

It turns out that she is the youngest Bridgerton woman, and at the moment her appearances are sporadic in the series, but if she decides to show all the love stories of Julia Quinn, in the seventh she could become the main character.

In the first season she is 10 years old, having been born in 1803. In the second season she is 11 and in ‘Brigerton 3’ she is 12. Actress Florence Hunt, who plays her on screen, is now 17 years old, thus giving a 5 year difference between her and Hyacinth.

Did you already know these strange facts? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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