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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Tuesday 28 May 2024 Episode 934 [SPOILERS]

It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Tuesday 28 May 2024 Episode 934 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Tuesday, May 28, everything starts here…

Cardone knows Charlene’s secret

Intent on finding out which student Cardon sent to start the fire during the Bluepress masterclass, Tessier can also count on the help of Charlene, who came right back for him. Teissier suggests that he also take part in the master class to investigate as closely as possible with the students. He puts pressure on his daughter, whom he accuses of letting him go on a world tour. Once her husband leaves, Constance comforts Charlene and confirms that Tessier loves her no matter what.

At the Institute, Cardone and Livio welcome Anais to the Double A kitchens. The new director tells the young woman that Livio will remain in charge of the restaurant and that he would be better off concentrating on his master’s project. If Teissier protects his protégé, unfortunately he no longer has power in the institute. On the way, he warns Cardone that Charlene will attend his master class.

In the park, Anais admits to Teyssier that she is having trouble supporting Cardone’s attitude. He hesitates to leave the institute and join Salome at her restaurant in Dinar. Instead, Teissier offers to take part in a master class to help him take down Cardone. At the same time, Mehdi approaches the chef to announce his participation in the master class. Teissier assures her that he takes it easy, even if they disagree.

In turn, Charlene finds Billy very jealous of his world tour. However, Charlene admits that things weren’t always rosy, especially when she found herself alone when her brother left to open a restaurant with Celia. Although Charlene thought she could work at Bleupré, her father eventually gave the job to Anais. Instead, she found her position as a pastry chef in a large restaurant. But when she lost her self-confidence, Charlene did not accept it. Billy reassures her.

Meanwhile, Teissier finds Zachary, who confirms that Livio was still in the region at the time of the Blaupre fire. Given his proximity to Cardone, this makes him a suspect. Teissier then instructs Zachary to find evidence against Livio. In return, he reveals nothing to Laetitia about his double life.

Later, Teissier meets the participants of the cooking master class: in addition to Charlene, Anais and Mehdi, one of them is Enzo. Teissier tells them that they will have to make the signature dessert in two weeks, even though it could be a lifetime’s work. He asks them for six specific suggestions for the next day.

After the students left, Leroy, who heard that his friend was giving a master class, joined him. He perfectly understood that this master class was an excuse for Teissier, but he did not want to know more. He just advises his friend to be careful.

After which Teissier secretly finds Anais and Charlene behind the amphitheater. He informs them that Livio was present during the Blaupre fire. He asks Anais to look through his belongings in the swamp dweller’s room. Charlene offers to talk her into using her charm, but Anais thinks she’ll burn right away. Charlene replies that she is not stupid and knows how to do it. Teissier advises his daughter not to let her grudge against Anais get in the way of their investigation.

At the end of the day, Cardone finds Charlene in the kitchen to make sure her father didn’t tell her about the fire at Beaupre. Indeed, Charlene is in charge! If the young woman was angry then, she regrets it today. But he promises Cardone that he won’t say anything…

Thelma should hang in the kitchen

At the CDI, Thelma admits to Solal that she thought a lot about what Chef Arman told her: that she didn’t even have the level to pass the exam. After the depression, Thelma recovered and worked all weekend, trying to repeat the recipes of previous competitions. But he did not reach the end. Solal advises him to take it gradually, starting with the basics. He also suggests that she ask Chef Armand himself for advice.

At the end of her lesson with Chef Armand, Solal urges Thelma to ask for help. The latter explains to the chef that he really wants to progress. Clotilda suggests starting with something simple, like sunflower risotto. Motivated, Thelma goes to find the necessary ingredients. Solal retains Chef Armand because he knows full well that making risotto is not easy. Clotilde reveals that this will be the perfect test of whether Thelma takes cooking seriously or as fun.

Solal stays in the atelier to help Thelma cook. After two attempts, he still can’t master cooking rice. The young woman prefers to stop there and leave in the evening. Solal accuses him of not being ambitious enough and giving up at the first difficulty, even though he is better than that. Thelma finally decides to stay in the kitchen and cook the meal again.

Tom joins the resistance club

Thinking they are alone, Tom comes to kiss Billy at the commissary. He throws her away as Penelope is in the halls. As his friend leaves, Billy reminds Tom that they decided to keep a low profile because of Livio. Tom says he didn’t see Penelope when he arrived. As for Livio, Tom doesn’t feel comfortable continuing to play double agent and considers resigning as second-in-command at Double A. If Billy wanted her to help the Resistance take down Cardone by spying on Livio instead, he would respect her. choice.

Later, at Double A, Tom and Billy can’t stop flirting. The fact of hiding, as in the early days, upsets them and they decide to meet the young girl in her room after the service. As they prepare to make love, Penelope knocks on the door. Tom goes to the bathroom to hide, while Billy’s roommate hangs around long enough to watch an episode of the soap opera.

Penelope then leaves to join Antoine. Tom is finally able to come out of the bathroom and admit to Bill that hiding their relationship is going to be difficult. Bill admits that they’re stuck until Cardoney is director of the institute. Tom declares that he is ready to take him down as quickly as possible, even if it means spying on Livio.

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