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Netflix: Is 8 Show a Squid Game Copy?  Its creator responds

Netflix: Is 8 Show a Squid Game Copy? Its creator responds

This is a series that reminded a lot of Squid Game, even before its release. Netflix’s new Korean series The 8 Show is about how cash-strapped people enter a game show to win big after receiving a secret invitation.

As I understand it, The 8 Show started development before Squid Game. When the Squid Game became an explosive success, I thought about not doing itThe 8 Show creator and director said in an interview with Han Jae-rim. Korea Times.


Our series differs from Squid Game in terms of rules and conflicts. In the Squid Game, someone else must die for me to live, and the main character gets satisfaction from seeing others destroyed. But in our work no one should die and all should be saved together, which is the opposite.

Airing from May 17, this eight-episode black comedy follows eight contestants who are brought to a mysterious eight-story building to take part in a highly lucrative but dangerous show where they earn money as time passes. The series is based on the popular webtoon money game and its sequel Cake game By Bae Jin-soo.

A touch of comedy

Han Jae-rim, who wrote the screenplay for the adaptation, wanted to update the traditional formula of the survival genre with a little twist.

In the survival genre, the main character is usually the hero who overcomes the crisis. However, in the 8th show, “The 3rd Floor”, the main character and narrator of the story look like any of us in real life. He is quite naive and things go in the opposite direction to what he expected. I felt there were elements of dark comedy involved. So I wanted to change the survival genre“, he says.

different rules

Upon entering the series, each participant is asked to choose a number from one to eight, which will be the floor of their room, offering different amounts per minute spent. The higher the floor, the more money won. Without receiving specific instructions or games to play, participants understand that the show ends when the timer in the common area reaches zero, and the only way to add time is to please the organizers.

As the story progresses, the participants split up and start taking more and more extreme measures. The series deals with various social issues, media addiction, social hierarchy and capitalism.

Criticism of society

Han Jae-rim began developing the series to talk about the excesses of capitalism, but then expanded the spectrum to include messages about today’s content models.

I felt it was a story that everyone could relate to in the age of capitalism. I wanted to create a hierarchy by naming characters by floor. And I tried to make it easier for the audience to empathize with any of the characters by not giving them detailed backstories.“, he said.

These eight people are here for fun. I saw that I was like them, as if I was doing everything to entertain the public… I had a lot of ethical concerns while creating this piece. I understand the aspects that the audience enjoys, but at the same time I wonder how far I have to go for this entertainment. I wanted to create a work that not only entertains, but also raises questions and discussions on this topic.

8 shows are currently available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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