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The future of animation is here according to Guillermo del Toro

The future of animation is here according to Guillermo del Toro

The future of animation is here according to Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro in love with an upcoming animated film

Well known for his live action films, The devil’s backbone (2001) a The shape of water (2017) via Blade 2 (2002), the Hell boy (2004 and 2008), Pan’s labyrinth (2006) or even Pacific Rim (2013), Guillermo del Toro he also knows a little about animation. He is also a great defender of it. After winning the Oscar for best animated film in 2023 for Pinocchio (co-directed with Mark Gustafson), the director stated in his speech: “animation is cinema. It is not a separate genre or category.“.

Indeed, animation is still often overlooked, seen by some as a production for young audiences, or less important than “traditional cinema”. Which is obviously false. And it’s always nice that a filmmaker like Guillermo del Toro reminds us of this.

Always attentive to what is being done in animation, the director also loves to share what he likes in this field on social media. He praised an upcoming animated film, To flow, which he sees as the future of animation. At least that’s what he hopes first images revealed by director Glints Zilbalodis.

If I could make one wish for the future of animation, these images would be a magnificent and breathtaking start.

And what To flow ?

Highlighted in the selection In a certain perspective at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, To flow he has in fact left his mark. The very first reviews have been published and allow the film to obtain a score of 100% ON Rotten tomatoes. The story follows a cat who wakes up in a world invaded by water and where humans seem to have disappeared. With a small group of animals, the cat will take refuge on a boat. They will therefore have to learn to live together despite their differences.

There is something very poetic and intriguing in these images, which contain no dialogue. It will be like this in the film too, with “a fairly contemplative and nature-oriented approach” (through 3DVF). The visual quality is also undeniable, with a very particular style which doesn’t aim for perfect realism in animal design, but presents nonetheless superb decorations. Finally, the idea of ​​following the adventures of a cat is reminiscent of the excellent game Stray, of which an adaptation is planned.

Flow ©UFO Distribution
Flow ©UFO Distribution

We must therefore To flow to Glints Zilbalodis, who is shooting his second feature film Somewhere else (2019). The film is this time co-produced by Dream Well Studio, Take Five and Sacrebleu Productions. Pending a release date in French cinemas, To flow will premiere at the Annecy Animation Festival which will be held from 9 to 15 June.

Source: Cine Serie

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