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He was the star of a hit Netflix series and gave it all up: ‘It became like a job’

He was the star of a hit Netflix series and gave it all up: ‘It became like a job’

You may have been the hero of a hit Netflix series and need to recharge your batteries! This is the choice that actor Dylan Minnette made. After three seasons of 13 Reasons Why and an appearance in 2022’s Scream, Dylan Minnette retired from acting, and he had his reasons. She’s not 13, but we’re not going to fight!

Podcast guest Zach Blood ShowThe actor revealed why he stopped his career:

From Lost to 13 Reasons Why: Retrace Dylan Minnette’s Journey

“He also started to work”

I was lucky enough to have success with 13 Reasons Why, which was very popular and was really the peak of what I could show with my acting, but it also became a job. I was in a very privileged position, it was always fun for me, always very inspiring, but I started to feel like work.

It seems that the routine of playing the same character, as well as the repetition that can be established during the long run of the series, has overcome his enthusiasm. Besides, another aspiration took him elsewhere. At the age of 27, the former actress chose her passion: music.

Dylan Minnette in 2017

“I feel like I’m in a position now where I can do it for a while and take this project as far as it can go. The only way to get there is to give 100% of my time and energy. That I’m going to take it seriously and show the world that we’re taking it very seriously “he confided.

With his band formed in 2017, Dylan Minet plays alternative rock influenced by the music of the 80s. They have released three albums to date, in 2019, 2022 and 2024. Minette has already written songs that have appeared in films and TV series. Whether he was acting like Alexander and His Dreadful and Horrible Day, 13 Reasons Why, Castle Rock or even Miss Marvel.

Despite all this, Minette is not closing the door on a potential return to the screen: “I feel like I have something to give, and it’s probably in acting…I feel like the inspiration for that is coming back. When we’re done with the Wallows and ready to take a break, it will. It’s time to find the perfect inspiration.”

Source: Allocine

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