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Why did Cameron Diaz stop acting and now return to the screen?

Why did Cameron Diaz stop acting and now return to the screen?

Cameron Diaz has had a lot of success, but since 2014 she hasn’t been seen on the scene anymore. This retirement can be attributed mainly to the birth of his daughter.

Known as one of the most famous actresses of the 2000s, Cameron Diaz has made a name for herself in the audiovisual world by starring in several films and becoming one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. In 20 years she has starred in 40 feature films and has demonstrated her versatility in front of the camera. Her debut was in 1994, in comedy The Maskara alongside Jim Carey, and his last work was in 2014 in the children’s musical Annie. The star has since disappeared from the spotlight and she has retreated in front of the cameras.

This sudden disappearance sparked curiosity among fans and the press and caused rumors to start appearing. One of them, guaranteed that Cameron would stop acting after his last feature films, What to expect when you’re expecting AND Sex tape, performed poorly at the box office and with critics. At the time, Vulture magazine even dedicated an article asking “Why can’t Cameron Diaz make a good film?”.

Cameron Diaz starred in What to Expect When You're Expecting.  (Image: Disclosure/Lionsgate)

The text claimed that if Cameron continued to star in bad films, Hollywood would soon abandon her, but the truth is that the opposite happened and it was the actress who closed the doors to the film industry.

One of the reasons was her marriage to Benji Madden, guitarist of the band Good Charlotte, in 2015 and the birth of Raddix Madden, her daughter born via surrogacy in 2020. Since then, Cameron has decided to dedicate herself completely to her family. . In an interview on the SiriusXM program, she commented that she wouldn’t be able to be the mother she would like to be if she were still acting.

“I couldn’t imagine being a mother now, being the mother of my daughter in her first year, having to be on the set of a movie that takes up 14, 16 hours of my day.”

Despite being very private about her personal life, this move by the actress reveals the difficulty women have in balancing career and motherhood.

Cameron Diaz’s return to the screen

With a filmography that has titles such as Who will stay with Maria? (1998), The Panthers (2000) e Shrek (2001), in which she voiced Fiona, Diaz was able to retire without having to prove anything to anyone. And, in the same way, she decided to return to acting 10 years later, in 2024, at the invitation of her friend Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained).

Back in Action is a hymn to the friendship between Diaz and Foxx.  (Disclosure/Netflix)

The two protagonists of the film Let’s get back to the action, that comes to Netflix on November 15th. According to the actress, this will be her last role before returning to retirement for good.

In the plot, the two will be a couple of retired spies who will have to return to their activities after their identities are revealed. Although the synopsis is a bit generic, the film promises nice chase and fight scenes, and serves to celebrate the friendship between the two actors who have already worked together in Annie AND Any Sunday.

After Return to Action, Cameron Diaz returns to retirement.  (Disclosure/Netflix)

This friendship, however, may have soured on the recording set. Speculations began to emerge that living with Foxx was difficult, as the actor threw tantrums and even fired several people. Diaz did not confirm the rumors and said the decision to retire – this time for good – had nothing to do with acting alongside his friend.

So for now the only certainty is this Back in action it will be the last chance to see Diaz on stage.

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