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Un Si Grand Soleil: Janet learns of Becker’s betrayal

Un Si Grand Soleil: Janet learns of Becker’s betrayal

In Un si grand soleil, nothing goes well with the heart. One of the star couples of the France 2 series will soon find itself in trouble.

For many years, Janet (Tonia Kinzinger) and Becker (Yvonne Beck) formed one of the strongest couples of the series. After many adventures, they got married in November 2021. But it looks like a new storm is about to hit the couple…

Remember: Shortly before his marriage to Janet, Clement succumbed to temptation and slept with Claudine (Catherine Wilkening), his ex-wife. He did not reveal the joke to his wife, who had been careful until now. Unfortunately for him, his secret explodes into the open.

Janet discovers Becker’s betrayal

For several days, Becker has been leading a delicate investigation into a man accused of raping a young woman, whom Claudine represents. For this Baptiste Joussan, who does not complain about the first sexual assault, the prosecutor Picard and the commissioner decided to pretend that the investigation was at a dead end so that the broker made a mistake and thereby prove his guilt.

However, for their plan to work, they must tell no one, not even the victim or her lawyer. Furious to see Becker close the case, Claudine goes to her ex-husband’s office for an explanation, which she witnesses extraction From the episode of Un si grand soleil on Monday, June 3, posted online on the france.tv platform.

In this scene, the lawyer asks her ex-husband why he refuses to intervene between the client and Jusan. The departing baker does not have time to talk to her and asks her to come back the next day.

But Claudine is not ready to give up and continues to persevere. “what should i tell him That the police have other things to do than think about her rape story, right?– he asks angrily.

Becker explains that the police are doing what they can, then he tells his ex-wife that he has to leave. But Claudine continues to follow him outside the police station. He doesn’t understand why his dinner tonight is more important than the rape complaint. Becker claims: they will talk about this story tomorrow.

You are running away from reality as usualClaudine tells him. “Where are your core principles? Like we slept together a few days before your wedding, it didn’t really matter in the end…

Becker interrupts, but it’s too late. Janet, who was on her way to her husband’s birthday party, heard everything. He asks Claudine to leave them alone. “Did you sleep with your ex a few days before our wedding?– asks Janet. Becker confesses everything to him.

Can the Janet/Baker couple overcome this new ordeal? Or will they break up? One thing is certain, the future is bleak for them. According to the synopsis for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, “After revealing their adultery to each other, Becker and Janet realize their relationship has been damaged. Will their marriage survive?” Answer in next episodes…

Source: Allocine

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