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Tomorrow is ours: will Nordin forget Manon in someone else’s arms?

Tomorrow is ours: will Nordin forget Manon in someone else’s arms?

In Tomorrow Belongs To Us, while Violet and Jordan are reunited in a secret pact, the breakup seems final between Nordin (Youssef Agal) and Manon (Louvia Bachelier). In the Thursday 30 May 2024 episode (the soap opera airs on TF1 Monday to Friday at 7.10pm), a young woman eases tensions with her ex and they make peace. Martin’s son (Frank Moncini) even suggests that they meet again, but he refuses…

Nordin and Manon, it’s over

Nordin then insists that she misses him… but Manon thinks that wouldn’t be a good idea because she doesn’t want them to get back together! This is a shock for the policeman. Unfortunately, the daughter of William (Kamel Belghazi) and Avore (Julie Debazak) is categorical: their love story is over, and she says it’s for the best.

The separation between Manon and Nordin seems to be established. However, it won’t be long before Sara’s colleague (Camille Genau) is back in the saddle! In extraction The next part of tomorrow’s episode is previewed by TF1, it makes for a really unexpected encounter…

Nordin meets Rachel, his ex again!

A person of primary interest calls a bystander who they believe is committing a crime. This person tries to justify himself, but Nordin is irreconcilable, although he smiles a lot… In the end, they both burst out laughing: they actually know each other very well!

This stranger is actually Rachel, his ex, with whom he once had sex. Not far away, Sarah approaches them and notes that Nordin is talking to her in a friendly manner. Roxanne’s wife (Raphael Volkoff) also notices that her teammate insists on inviting her ex-girlfriend out for drinks…which she enthusiastically accepts.

Will Nordin try to flirt with Rachel to forget about Manon? If so, will it work and hurt the latter? To be continued tomorrow belongs to us…

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