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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Monday 3 June 2024 Episode 1699 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Monday 3 June 2024 Episode 1699 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode Tomorrow Belongs To Us airs Monday night on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read.

Monday June 3 Tomorrow belongs to us…

Nuri will learn the truth about Grigori

There is no news from Soraya since the previous day, Nuri is worried and goes to the police station accompanied by Rafael. Martin first emphasizes the message Soraya is sending that she needs a break. But Noor and Rafael don’t believe he can leave while Gabriel is still in a coma. Martin suggests that Grigori is connected to Soraya’s disappearance. Nuri, who spent the evening and night at his house, admits that he did not notice anything suspicious.

At the hospital, Victoire stands by Gabrielle’s bedside as she wakes up from her coma. He remembers what happened to him, then he wonders where Soraya is. To avoid worrying Victoire, he pretended to have an emergency at work.

Martin summons Grigol to the police station to question him about Soraya’s disappearance. He especially goes back to their strained relationship. Grigor insists that Soraya had him in plain sight because she is going with her little sister. He claims he has an alibi because he was at home and spent the evening, then the night, with Noor. He swears that Soraya didn’t do anything. Simon, who represents Gregory, adds that the police have no new elements that would allow a new search. So he leaves with his client.

Released, Grigor joins Noor at the hospital. He tries to calm her down on Soraya, promising that she has nothing to blame. Nuri then suggests to her boyfriend that they go for a walk to clear their minds. In fact, he tries to get her out of the apartment so that Rafael and Victoire can go and search there.

At the scene, the two women find Michelle and Soraya in a hidden room behind the kitchen. They immediately call for help. Soraya recounts how Gregory set her up the night before, then put her to sleep with anesthesia before hooking her up with Michelle.

Victoire calls Noor to warn her. It is located by the sea with Gregory. After hanging up, he says that he has to replace his colleague at the hospital immediately. When Grigor offers to accompany her, she refuses. In a panic, Noor says that she knows everything. Grigor excuses himself by saying that he tried to protect his sister. But Noor doesn’t want to hear anything and tries to leave. Except Gregory stops him. Noor struggles when they are at the edge of a cliff…

Mariana looks good

Not hearing anything from her mother, Chloe calls her. This time Mariana will take over. He makes her believe he’s home, then expresses his need to be alone. After hanging up, Marian burst into tears.

Later, Sebastien informs Rafael that Mariana is staying at the hotel. So Rafael informs Chloe and the latter goes to her mother’s room to help her. Mariana admits to him that she did not have the courage to go through the gate of his house.

Chloe spends some time with her mother to comfort her. He then offers her to come back and live with him after the workshop.

Christel refuses to sell the straw hut to Victor

Christel and Sylvain are very disappointed that Charles lied to them to their face, telling them that he could buy their cottage with his mother’s money, when in fact he is associated with Victor Brunet.

Kristel also decides to go to a wine estate where Valentin is hosting a wine tasting to confront Victor about his disgraceful business strategy. She declares that she will never sell him her hut.

A little later, Valentine hears Victor yelling at Charles, whom he believes is responsible for the situation. The young woman criticizes herself by saying that she was the one who talked about the hut in front of Christel, without knowing the details.

Back at home, Christel tells Sylvain about the confrontation with Victor. However, Sylvain is willing to consider his buyout offer, insisting that they really have no choice. So he calls Victor to offer to sell him the hut for €20,000 more than he was willing to pay for it.

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