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Now an international Oscar-winning star, the South African-born actor made his debut in a thriller that everyone forgot about.

For many years he was one of the Hollywood actors, with roles in the Fast and Furious saga, Mad Max: Fury Road, Prometheus, The Yards and, of course, the shocking monster, where he gave a spectacular performance in 15 kilos, which won him an Oscar. But the essential Charlize Theron was not always presented in high-quality performances.

Debut on the screen Charlize TheronIn 1995, therefore, they are very far from the prestige of the above products. In the horror film called The Demons of the Corn 3, the actor appeared for the first time. Yes, even the biggest stars starred in Girls!

Corn Demons 3 tells the story of two brothers who become orphans in a small American town after a farmer is murdered. Two children are placed with their families in the city, no one suspects that the crime was committed by the younger of the two boys…

The third part of the terrible saga, which includes 11 films (!), the first two are adapted from the story of the same name by Stephen King. Corn Demons 3 It does not shine with its quality. Charlize Theron Appears briefly, does not utter a word, but screams and dies in excruciating agony… Below, some images of the actor in the feature film.

“When I got the role, I called my mother and told her, that’s it, I made it, I’m an actress!laughed Charlize Theron By challenging this very first experience as an actor. “It was huge for me, I didn’t sleep at night, I thought I had an ulcer. I was under the impression that I started in the profession, it was huge for me. I.”

Trailer for the first “Corn Demons” movie:

Source: Allocine

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