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20 years later, NCIS may finally answer that question

20 years later, NCIS may finally answer that question

As it prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the NCIS franchise, born out of the JAG series, continues to produce spin-offs. Over the years we’ve been treated to NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS: Sydney, as well as the upcoming NCIS: Tony & Ziva and NCIS: Origins. The saga is endless, much to the delight of fans, and CBS, having found one of the rare geese that lay television’s golden eggs, doesn’t seem ready to get rid of him!

In 2022, after 19 seasons of carrying the series on his shoulders, Mark Harmon decided to step down and say goodbye to Leroy Jethro Gibbs, an icon of the show. But the franchise itself did not want to say goodbye to the iconic character: you know, NCIS: Origins It chronicles Gibbs’ younger years and is sure to fill in some of the plot holes in his main series, questions that have gone unanswered for nearly two decades.

There’s one in particular that fans have been trying to figure out for years: Gibbs’ meeting with Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano). Their feud was established in the pilot where they supposedly met for the first time, acting like strangers and shaking hands as if they didn’t know each other. However, we learned some time later that Fornell had married Gibbs’ second wife and so they had a shared history. Fans then pointed out that they should have known each other before meeting in the first episode and should have treated each other differently.

Indeed, Gibbs’ ex-wife, Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw), first appeared in season 4. Years later, in Season 9, Fornell’s ex-wife turned up — and it was Diana again — in an episode that focused on the relationship. three characters.

NCIS: Origins So here’s a great opportunity to fix things or provide clarifications to fans. If Mark Harmon will return to retelling the episodes, we don’t know if Fornell will show up to fill the gap. To be continued !

While I wait for NCIS: Origins, NCIS: Special Investigations to be revealed on M6, W9 or even 6Ter. The first 18 seasons of the original series can also be seen on Prime Video.

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