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Tonight on TV: The bad guys had everything planned…except for Dwayne Johnson and his 118kg of muscle!

Tonight on TV: The bad guys had everything planned…except for Dwayne Johnson and his 118kg of muscle!

Spend an evening with Dwayne Johnson in an ultra-entertaining blockbuster where he plays a leg amputee who climbs a living skyscraper? This completely insane program is a spectacular skydiving program broadcast by TF1. Unmissable if you’re a fan of adrenaline-filled action movies!

Released in 2018 Ცtambjen It tells the story of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson, who will physically transform in his next film), a former head of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Squad and a US Army veteran who is now in charge of skyscraper security. While sent to Hong Kong, he was accused of starting a fire in the tallest and most secure tower in the world. Considered a fugitive, Will must find the culprits, prove his innocence and, above all, save his wife (Niveh Campbell) and his two children in a burning building!

A true guilty pleasure Ცtambjen There is entertainment that will end your weekend in the most beautiful way. Packed with action scenes and special effects, funny, rhythmic… it’s hard to suppress your enjoyment of this devilishly generous film that Dwayne Johnson sees it as a mix between Crystal Trap, The Infernal Tower and The Fugitive.

Actor Noah Taylor was seduced by this return to disaster movies in the 1970s. “Everything happens in a closed place, in a plane or in a building, it’s a bit like intrigue.Agatha Christie which usually takes place on a train or in a palace”– says the actor. Ცtambjen is a modern version of this type of drama, in which the hero has to overcome terrible trials.”

Dwayne Johnson meets an amputee who climbed Everest!

Ცtambjen There is a fictional skyscraper called the Pearl. It is a 1,000 meter tall structure and consists of 225 floors, the equivalent of three Empire State Buildings. Production designer James D. According to Bissell, the building should be implemented “Strength and endurance, completely opposite Infernal tower, a symbol of excessive pride and whose implied message is that “we’ve come too far.” This 70s movie featured corrupt developers and a rogue architect. Ცtambjen, the building is fabulous. His only fault is that he is coveted by evil forces.”

It should be noted that in order to best embody his character as a leg amputee, Dwayne Johnson Meet Jeff Glassbrenner. The latter, who lost his leg at age 8, competed in 45 IronMen triathlons, became a three-time Paralympic champion and world champion in wheelchair basketball, and was even the first American amputee to successfully climb Mount Everest!

Tonight on TF1 at 21:30.

Trailer for sci-fi comedy “Red” with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, in US theaters next November:

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