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Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Tuesday July 9, 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Tuesday July 9, 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Tuesday 9 July at Un si grand soleil…

Stephens is confronted by Jonathan

Early in the morning, Noora surprises her mother with makeup to hide the bruises on her face. To avoid her concern, Stephanie convinces her daughter that she had an awkward trip to her store.

At the police station, Alex and Elise question Jonathan Lebel. Obviously, the latter denies that he used Stefan to launder money. Even as the police try to get the names of the traffickers he works for, Jonathan Lebel remains silent.

Later, the police arrive at Stefan’s house to search. Ellis, who is present, asks her to follow him to the police station for a confrontation with Jonathan Lebel. In turn, Florent offers to accompany him.

On the way, he informs that all his stores are going to be liquidated and he will no longer be able to carry out the activities of the manager. In other words, Stefani will be unemployed. Florenti then gives him some advice for confronting Jonathan.

Arriving at the police station, Florenti goes to Commissioner Becker to remind him that his client gave a lot to cooperate with the police. Therefore, he hopes that they will take this into account even if the confrontation does not yield anything.

It’s night in Montpellier when Stephanie confronts Jonathan. Very quickly, the discussion turns to settling scores, forcing Ellis to step in to calm the situation. Annoyed, Jonathan then says that he can fool the police all he wants, but that he won’t succeed in doing his little dance act. While Elisha tries to figure out what this means, Jonathan refuses to answer. At the same time, Florent looks at Stefano strangely.

The museum’s new curator is turning heads

In the morning, Tom goes to the art gallery to check on Virgil. After smartly replying that he shouldn’t have, Alix asks him about the summer holidays, which are fast approaching. When he is about to go to Spain with Maeva, the teenager indicates that he is looking for a small job. That’s why he asks Alix if he can hire her. Although he doesn’t need help right now, he promises to think about it.

Later, Alix organizes a photo exhibition of a Japanese artist. Flor, Ludo, Ulysses and Catherine are present. On this occasion, Francois Laumier’s wife introduced him to Nicolas, the curator of the Cartel Museum in Montpellier. And suffice it to say, Alix is ​​clearly under his spell.

Obviously, he’s not the only one! Indeed, Flora also fell for him. He even makes Alix believe that someone is looking for her to spend time with Nicholas. As they talk, Florey points out that she is a visual artist and shows them photos of her work. Nicholas seems impressed by what he sees.

Not far from there, Catherine teases Alix and tells her that she has competition. The gallery owner may not be worried about Flor at all, but Catherine still advises caution.

And Francois Laumier’s wife may be right. Indeed, Nicholas agreed to have a drink with Flor. When he asks Alix to join them, the latter declines, stating that he has a lot of work to do. For her part, Flor tries to hide her satisfaction.

Leaving the room, the latter advises Nikola to continue the discussion all night. Realizing that there is a misunderstanding, the curator opens up to him and then specifies that he never sleeps with artists. Due to bad experiences in the past, Nicholas does not want to repeat them. Flor thanks him for his honesty and then invites him for a drink. which he gladly accepts.

Cecil worries about Achilles

At the courthouse, Cecil calls Aurel, the psychologist. Indeed, Judge Alphand feels powerless in front of his son’s behavior and finds it very difficult to relate to him. After the death of Christophe, Achilles completely stopped and became very angry. After she dismisses the idea of ​​seeing a therapist, Cecile suggests that Aurel come to her house. If he understands her concerns, the psychologist informs her that it doesn’t work that way. So he advises her to continue to take care of herself, but above all to make time for herself.

Source: Allocine

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