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Did Maya Massafera lie about vocal surgery? Journalist reveals influencer’s “secrets” in controversial video. Understand!

Did Maya Massafera lie about vocal surgery? Journalist reveals influencer’s “secrets” in controversial video. Understand!

Maya Massafera’s name has once again been linked to controversy on the web after journalist Felipeh Campos denounced a possible lie by the influencer in the story she told of complications from her voice surgery. Let’s get to the details!!

The voice of Maya Massafera What recently underwent a new feminization intervention After experience complications with the first procedurehas once again sparked controversy on the web. This time it was the journalist’s turn Philip Campos make a video accusing the influencer of lying to the public.

Philip, who was as successful as Pablo in the old ‘What’s the song??’recorded a video on his Instagram profile revealing some ‘secrets’ of Maya Massafera and denying that the celebrity had undergone another voice surgery, besides saying that the information about his blindness after the first surgery would not be true.

According to the journalist, some sources from the Hospital Paranaense de Otorrino, the place where Maya underwent her first vocal feminization surgery, assured that, the day after the surgery, the influencer would already be speaking, although her voice was weaker.

The recommendation, however, is that patients remain in absolute silence for days, as reported by the ENT specialist Erica Campos to Purepeople recently. Felipeh Campos also assured that the intervention is performed through a “puncture” in the vocal cord, which would not be able to leave a person mute.

The story continued with the second surgery of Maya Massafera. According to the journalist, the hospital did not confirm a second surgery performed by the famous woman, who in turn stated that she would not speak publicly for 3 months. A source heard by Felipeh also reported this glottoplasty (…

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