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“Funny, surprising, a must-see”: this is the best film of Jean-Pascal Zade!

“Funny, surprising, a must-see”: this is the best film of Jean-Pascal Zade!

This week’s ‘Why Are You Smiling’ is a social comedy presented as ‘Disrespectful“, in which we find Jean-Pascal Zad and Raphael Cuenard. This comedy, co-directed by Christine Paylar and Chad Chenuga, relies on this tandem”Nickel plated legs“Mixing different tones, not just moving into pure comedy:

We have had little desire to fight against political correctness, against the order of a society where everything is first-rate, dark and polarizing. It is important to be irreverent, to be able to laugh at tragedies. We should be able to talk about serious topics without drama“, explains Christine Paylar.

Like Toledano and Nakache’s A Difficult Year, Why Smile wants to be part of the tradition of Italian comedies, with humor.that purrs and tickles“.

Cut!, the favorite movie of Internet users

Jean Pascal Zad is one of the headliners. But what is your favorite film of his career? It’s about Cut! By Michel Hazanavicius, who also opened the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and which received the best rating: 3.6 out of 5 (5628 ratings including 598 reviews)

By offering a rerun of the Japanese movie Don’t Cut! By Shin’ichiro Ueda, the filmmaker takes us behind the scenes of the making of the Z movie, which is disrupted by the corruption of the actual living dead. Beneath the horror film pitch lies a madcap comedy that pays tribute to the craftsmen of the 7th art.

A small selection of internet reviews:

Paul C (5/5):This movie is a real gem! Hilarious, surprising, must see! Great cinema and great Michel Hazanavicius!

Cinephile6759 (4.5/5): “A Totally Crazy Movie or How to Make a B-Movie by Making a Movie-In-Movie-Style Involved. I laughed from beginning to end.

Polof (5/5):Excellent! A joy for all movie lovers. Michel Hazanavicius joins his humor again and it’s just as enjoyable as the first two OSS! The situations are funny, the lines are iconic and the cast is crazy (finding Romain Duris in such a crazy role).

I haven’t laughed so much at movies for a long time… I haven’t seen the original Japanese version and I can’t compare it, but it was a complete surprise (and I really wanted to see a Japanese movie).

ConFucAmuS (3.5/5): “(…) In this second act we find the most additions, starting with the trifecta of Grégory Gadebois, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Raphaël Quenard. All three are used to good effect, from the most absurd register to the most scat.

We also find the OSS 117 director’s very caustic pen during some implausible dialogues about cultural differences and script modifications.

All viewers review of Cut!

Jean-Pascal Zade will soon appear in Letitia Doche’s The Court of the Dog and Gilles Lelouch’s L’amour ouf.

Source: Allocine

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