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BYD Considers Opening Chinese Auto Plant in Peru Too

BYD Considers Opening Chinese Auto Plant in Peru Too

Peruvian Foreign Minister Provides Information on BYD Vehicle Assembly After Visit to China

The strategic collaboration between China and Peru around the port of Chancay could culminate in the opening of a new BYD plant. The idea is to produce Chinese electric and/or hybrid cars to complement production in Brazil (already confirmed) and Mexico (considered).

“The friendship between China and Peru accelerated when Peruvian President Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra visited China in June,” Car News China said. “She also held a meeting with BYD and Huawei during her visit.”

“Two weeks later, the cooperation with BYD made headlines again when the topic was highlighted by Peru’s Foreign Minister, Javier González-Olaechea.” Another possibility is the assembly of buses, trains or batteries.

BYD Shark: Launch in Mexico, but production not yet confirmed

According to the Andina news agency and Chinese media, Peru and China are pursuing a free trade agreement, that is, without duties. This would allow Chinese cars to enter South America without import taxes. But BYD wants more and is therefore considering assembling cars on Peruvian soil.

In principle, there would be two options: one would be the production of the BYD Shark, a plug-in hybrid pickup the size of the Toyota Hilux (leader in the region), but which has 429 horsepower and goes from 0 to 100 in 5.7 seconds. Although it has already been launched in Mexico, the production of the Shark pickup has not yet been confirmed.

Another option would be the BYD seal, which could bring several Central and South American countries into competition with European luxury cars. Peru and China already manage the Chancay port project, which will be the “gateway of South America to Asia”, also facilitating the transport of components, such as car batteries.

In May 2024, BYD began construction of its factory in Bahia and even sent a team to train in China. The Bahia plant will begin operations in early 2025 with an expected production capacity of 150,000 cars. The first model will be the BYD Dolphin Mini, an all-electric model, which currently costs R$ 115,800.

Source: Terra

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