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‘The next step for me’: Nicolas Cage’s announcement will surprise his fans

‘The next step for me’: Nicolas Cage’s announcement will surprise his fans

“After 45 years of doing this, I feel like I’ve said everything I had to say about cinema.“Nicolas Cage made these comments in December of last year and offered a sort of farewell to cinema.

In an interview given to the site UproxxThe 59-year-old actor said that he wanted to leave cinema soon, but… in favor of another medium: television.

In an episode of Breaking Bad, I saw Bryan Cranston staring at a briefcase for an hour. We don’t have time for that in the movie. Maybe television is the next step for me“.

He continued: “I’m very interested in the immersion offered by streaming and series. I’ve seen what you can do with characters when you’re given time to express yourself.Therefore, the actor is not going to stop his career, but to review it and choose the projects in which he will play.

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Although hinting that he might change his mind if something special came up, like revisiting one of his favorite roles (Ghost Rider or Castor Troy from Volte/Face en tê).

I want to end on a positive note. I think I can do three or four more films before I get there and hopefully change the format to find another way to express myself as an actor.“, he explains.

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Nicolas Cage partially returns to his comments in the columns He is a Yorkerindicating that there may be several more roles.

Recently, I played two or three secondary roles. So, maybe I will do three or four more main roles. Maybe that’s more than I said beforeNicolas Cage also considers his role in Longlegs , which comes out this Wednesday (trailer above), a supporting role.

Longslegs follows FBI agent Lee Harker, a talented rookie. He is assigned the case of an unsolved serial killer. An investigation that borders on the occult becomes even more complicated when she discovers a personal connection to a ruthless killer that she must stop before he kills other innocent families.

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