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This is where it all begins: the death of a character throws Leroy and Antoine into turmoil

This is where it all begins: the death of a character throws Leroy and Antoine into turmoil

The anxiety is rising, this is where it all begins! For Carla (Aaricia Lemaire), Rose (Vanessa Demouy), Bérénice (Bérénice Tannenberg) and Constance (Sabine Perraud), a quiet and relaxing vacation quickly turned into a nightmare.

With a blood-red pool, a horror that’s on fire, and a stalker watching over them, our favorite characters have reason to worry. And according to the new extraction Revealed by TF1, things will go even further in the upcoming episodes.

Indeed, we find Marc (Stephane Blancafort) and Antoine (Frederick Diefenthal) in the middle of a discussion. The vice principal didn’t show up for Chef Grimbert’s lunch, even though he promised to. Not to be outdone, Miriel answers vaguely that she had things to do.

“One guy was shot and killed.”

“Yes, I canceled the golf course too” says the chef and smiles. Then he picks up his phone to check his messages and his face completely changes: “There’s a guy who got shot and killed at Paul’s house! You knew, didn’t you tell me?”

“Suleiman called me this morning, I thought your son did it on his side” Antoine replies, clearly uncomfortable. “But hell, you know I don’t answer the phone when I’m in the kitchen! (…) I can’t believe it! Well, what did Suleiman tell you? They’re going to come back. Institute there?

“I’m going to have my son.”

“No, but what are you doing?” Antoine asks when he sees that Mark is upset. “Okay, I’m going to take my son! There’s no way he’s going to stay at home. (…) I’m going to talk to him, I’m going to hold him! It’s not forbidden!”

But Suleiman’s father immediately stops him: “Personally I wouldn’t recommend it, they’re stressed enough, we’re not going to put our stress on them.”

An answer that does not satisfy Leroy at all, who prefers to leave the office to get some fresh air. But then who was killed in the villa? Answer very quickly nextEverything starts here Find it from 18:30 on TF1.

Source: Allocine

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