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Le Bon Dieu 2 on TF1: 5 Amazing Things to Know About Christian Clavier

And the comedy “What Do We Do to God Again?” Running Sunday evening on TF1, we invite you to discover 5 amazing things about Christian Clavier, his lead actor.

What do we do to God again in comedy? Runs Sunday evening on TF1 and that third part of the saga, What Do We All Do to God ?, coming out in French cinemas on Wednesday, we invite you to discover 5 amazing things about the Christian Keyboard. Did you know, for example, that whoever plays Claude Vernon responded to the American Pie star?


In 2007, Christian keyboard He starred in the fifth season of Kaamelott, in the cult TV series Alexander Astie, as well as in a feature film released in cinemas last year. The actor embodies the character of a legal consultant, JA particularly sophisticated urist who was chosen to organize the succession to Arthur’s throne.

On our microphone in 2019, Christian Clavier announced that he had starred in the Camelot series: “C.It was a wonderful, extraordinary experience, I liked it. Alexander Astie has a crazy talent. I loved working with his team, his whole family, brother, father, mother … they are brilliant! Astie, he has a huge talent and I was very happy that he called me to play, always, a legal consultant.

He namedE SA SoundtrackᲛᲔProduction TEE rEFEENCE has one ROhCults

In 2006, Christian keyboard Creates its own manufacturing company. Her name ? Ouille Productions, referring to the famous role of Jacqueline the swindler in the visitor saga.

With his company, Christian Clavier has made several films in which he has starred, such as L’Enquête Corse, Les Visiteurs – La Révolution or With open arms, but not only … Ouille Productions really lags behind works like Help, I am. The 30-year-old, directed by his ex-wife Marie-Ann Chazelle, or the next man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, hit theaters on May 25.

He realized for a long time mETragedy

Christian keyboard Is one of the most popular French actors. But did you know that he once moved beyond the camera? That was in 2011, with the comedy “You do not choose a family.”

You do not choose what your family tells you Cesar Borgnol (Christian Clavier), an auto dealer on the verge of collapse. One day he and Alex, who is in a relationship with his partner Kim, offer him to be Kim’s “husband” to go and legally hire a 5-year-old girl in Thailand …

In the actors we do not choose his family, along with Christian Clavier we meet two actors who belong to the family. Guests : Jean Reno and Muriel Robin!

He was nominated for Caesar for Best Actor

It is often said that comedy is a genre that Caesars avoid. However, during the 1994 ceremony, a feature film Guests Cited nine times, including a Christian keyboard Nominated for Best Actor in a Male Category for his role as Jacqueline!

Then Christian Clavier competed with Pierre Ardit (who won the Smoking / No Smoking Prize), Daniel O’Toole (my favorite season), Michel Bougainville (Le Nombril du monde) and … Jean RenoFor the role of Godfrey de Montmireil!

It should be noted that Les Visiteurs left that evening with Cesar, the best supporting actress. Valerie Lemercier.

He played with the AMERICAN Pie Star

You knew that Christian keyboard Answered the Adult Saga star? It was in 2001, guests in America, where the actress meets American Tara Reed, Vicky.American Pie.

Visiting America, Christian Clavier, who no longer plays Jacqueline but Andre Le Pate, plays alongside other international stars, including Christina Applegate and Malcolm McDowell, best known for her role in Stanley A Clockwork Orange Kubrick.

Source: allocine

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