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The Old Man on Disney+: What is the action series where Jeff Bridges beats?

Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who has been on the run for several years, is now forced to come to terms with his past to secure his future when he discovers that an assassin is out to eliminate him.

Based on the novel by Thomas Perry.

The Old Man, a series created by Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine with Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, Bill Heck, Alia Shawkat, Amy Brenham… Two episodes starting September 28 on Disney+, followed by one episode per week. Watched episodes: 3 of 7

We don’t need to introduce Jeff Bridges, the legendary film actor, who takes on the first leading role in a series for the first time in his long and successful career. In The Old Man, he plays Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who has lived off the radar for 30 years.

After killing a man who broke into her home, she is forced to run and hide. He then rents a room to Zoe MacDonald, a woman in the midst of a divorce played by Amy Brenneman. But his hideout with this woman won’t stay incognito for long…

Harold Harper, played by the great John Lithgow, is the FBI’s Deputy Director of Counterintelligence. He is called upon to arrest Chase because of their shared and complicated past during the Soviet-Afghan war. Working alongside Harper are his protégé, FBI agent Angela Adams (played by Aaliyah Shawkat) and CIA officer Raymond Waters (EJ Bonilla).

We also meet Gbenga Akinagbe (The Wire) who plays Julian Carson, a contract killer hired by Harper…

Many veteran actors have become action stars in adulthood. Old man Jeff Bridges joins Liam Neeson and Bob Odenkirk in the hard-hitting action hero category. If he is still familiar with the action (Blown Away, True Grit, Iron Man), An old man Now that makes Jeff Bridges a competitive badass.

Created by Robert Levin and Jonathan Steinberg (who notably worked on See) and based on the 2017 bestseller by Thomas Perry, the series follows Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who can attack a young assassin twice his age, including… The energy required to make a good plate of scrambled eggs.

Several scenes flash back to Dan Chase’s past. If they are necessary to understand what is happening in the present, they are not the most dependent. Still, the introduction of this first season (a second one has already been ordered) quickly moves the story forward and gives Jeff Bridges the chance to take down a variety of enemies.

Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase

But the series also gains depth and emotion as it progresses. It’s a part that suits John Lithgow as friend-foe Harold Harper, the long-mouthed counterintelligence man who favors wit.

As for Angela Adams (Alia Shawkat), she is much more than Harper’s protégé, a young woman full of wit and sarcasm. His character is growing. And we’re surprised to see Amy Brenneman in a completely different light as Zoe, who Danny rents a room and finds herself in his headstrong mess.

The Old Man stands out from other series in Dan’s ingenuity when he has his back against the wall and we try to guess what he will do next. never find It’s blunt and straight to the point, but Jeff Bridges’ famous charm still shines through. that oscillates between tones pulp And even more thoughtfully, The Old Man is a very effective long action thriller.

Source: allocine

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