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See how much referees make per match at the Qatar World Cup

The referees consider, like all athletes, the pinnacle to reach the possibility of working in the world Cup, but they are also very well paid in the competition. According to Diário AS, referees can receive up to 10,000 euros (about R$55,900) in World Cup clashes in Qatar.

The maximum value will be received by the referees selected for the elimination matches – from the round of 16 until the decision. In the group stage the value drops to 5,000 euros per game, almost R$ 28,000.

As for the assistant referees and the fourth referee, they always receive half of the main judge, i.e. 2,500 euros (about R$14,000) in the initial phase and 5,000 euros in the elimination matches.

Finally, the video referees also have their own cup income table: €3,000 in the group stage and €5,000 from the round of 16 onwards.

In refereeing, Brazil are represented in the Cup by Raphael Claus and Wilton Pereira Sampaio, as well as assistants Bruno Pires, Brunos Boschilia, Danilo Manis, Rodrigo Figueiredo and Neuza Inês Back.

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