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Jorel’s brother wins a Christmas special with a big mystery to unravel

The characters must find out who is exchanging Santa’s presents for humble souvenirs.

The Christmas mood is truly contagious, and now it has arrived in one of the most loved Brazilian animations. Jorel’s Brother Christmas Special comes to Cartoon Network and HBO Max starting December 9 at 6:00 PM. It will be one of those adventures, with the protagonist and his group trying to unravel a great mystery.

At Irmão do Jorel’s house, preparations are underway for the big and bright Christmas night, which will have a delicious dinner, traditional flashing lights, with cutlery and bowls that are used only on very special occasions. It is such a unique moment that the toilet will finally open.

In the midst of all this, the fundamental question for the time: what is the true meaning of Christmas? An answer that Carlos Felino still doesn’t know how to answer, but he has to find out as soon as possible, because he has to deliver, in a very short time, a Christmas song that has been ordered by Shostners & Shostners.

To fully understand this Christmas spirit and compose the song, Carlos Felino will have his brother Jorel and Lara who, together, will invade some houses to attend the celebrations of the families of the region. But it will be during this journey that they realize that Santa’s gifts are exchanged for humble souvenirs. Could the criminal have some connection to the legend of Grandma Juju’s Christmas towel?

See what Jorel’s Brother’s Christmas lineup will look like:

The Irmão do Noel special is part of a thematic block that will last two hours, together with Christmas episodes of other franchises of the channel, such as Clarence, the optimist; Steven Universe; Teen Titans Go; The fantastic world of chewing gum. The reruns will take place on 11 December at 16:00; 13 December, 6 pm; 17 December, 5pm; 22 December, 6 pm; and on Christmas, December 25, at 4pm.

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