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Marvel confirms the existence of the seventh Infinity Stone in the Thor comics

Marvel Has Officially Confirmed The Existence Of A Seventh Infinity Stone In A Storyline Involving Thanos

The Infinity Stones are among the most powerful artifacts in the canon wonder, and became very famous after the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Everyone has memorized the names of the six gems that offer incredible properties to their owners and which, together in the Infinity Gauntlet, make its owner an invincible creature. Casa das Ideias flirts with the idea of ​​a seventh stone and, after decades of fuss, has confirmed its existence.

Warning: Spoilers for Thor #29!

To explain this revelation, it is necessary to recall a little what happened in the trajectory of Thanos and in the new phase of Thor. The Mad Titan had disappeared and it was already possible to know that he would return because since the first editions of the current chronology of the God of Thunder an image has haunted Odinson: the vision of his death at the hands of the villain, who in this recurring nightmare appears brandishing the Turbo Mjolnir with Infinity Stones.

Marvel has been toying with the idea of ​​a seventh Infinity Stone for years now, and with the gradual return of Thanos in recent years, the recurring Thor image shows the Mad Titan even more powerful. Casa das Ideias fans and provocations began to consider an extra tidbit, but, until then, this had not been confirmed.

In a new preview of Bull #29, written by Torrun Gronbekk and drawn by Nic Klein, Marvel reveals a little more about Thor’s secret legacy and his connection to Thanos. The God of Thunder’s backstory has been reworked recently, with the discovery that the original Phoenix (the same one who unleashed the Phoenix Force) has maternal ties to Odinson. With that, Thor learned that he also had a younger sister, Laussa, who was kidnapped.

And guess who was responsible for the disappearance? Yes Thanos. The plot involves a secret region of Niffleheim, never mentioned by Odin. The development of the story suggests that Odinson’s father bears some responsibility for the creation of the seventh Infinity Stone, and Thor, together with Lady Sif, tries to track down Corvus Glaive, one of Thanos’ lieutenants, who would be looking for the stone .

There are no further details on the Black Jewel’s powers yet, and the research will begin next week Bull #29which will have links to the special Thanos: Death Notes #1also scheduled next Wednesday (7) in gringo comic shops.

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