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Ney Matogrosso and Duda Brack together in a music and fashion project

The duo is the protagonist of a jeans campaign with social positioning

Duda Brack presents the show “Na Pista Com Quem Importa”, with the special participation of Ney Matogrosso, on Sunday at the Casa Natura Musical, in São Paulo. The singer and actress, known for having a speech focused on sociopolitical themes, such as patriarchy, neocolonialism and environmental exploitation, has joined the singer in another venture. The two will be the protagonists of the new YES I AM campaign – a national jeans brand that also takes a stand on social issues, just like the two of them. They will be taken by the photographer Lorena Dini next Wednesday, with the presence of the founders of the brand, Raquel Ferraz and Fernanda Verissimo and the communicator Karina Mota, in photos that reinforce the positioning and freedom of everyone to be what and whoever they want.

With the first chair by Lina Bo Bardi

Curator and gallery owner Sergio Campos launches the book Lina Bo Bardi Designer, O Mobiliário dos Tempos Pioneiros 1947-1958, by Artemobilia Publicações, on December 10, at Casa de Vidro at Instituto Bardi, located at Rua General Almério de Moura, 200 , in the Morumbi neighborhood. The work seeks to show the richness and conceptual avant-garde of Lina Bo Bardi’s design furniture production, which since its first creation, the MASP 7 de Abril chair (photo), has decisively influenced the first generation of modern Brazilian designers.

Block notes

POSSESSION. Metasearch engine KAYAK noted that searches made between October 31 and November 28 for trips to Brasilia, between December 30 and January 1, saw a 646% increase. According to the company, Brasilia’s unusual request has a simple explanation: the inauguration of Lula.

RIGHT. From tomorrow to December 11, the traditional Feira a Rosenbaum takes place, under the command of Cris Rosenbaum. At the Cultural Unibes.

AT THE AIRPORT. Congonhas Airport won the Kozinha Sushi Bar – commanded by Cláudio Melo and with a drinks menu by Alex Mesquita.

PARTY. Esther Constantino’s Arte Que Happening platform is holding an end-of-year closing party on the 7th at Dan Contemporânea Gallery.

ORCHESTRA. The first Parasymphonic Orchestra of Brazil will perform tomorrow in the Sala São Paulo.

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