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Jenna Ortega: 5 films and series with actress Wandinha

Perhaps for a significant portion of the public, Jenna Ortega is just the face of Wandinhaseries inspired by the character of Addams family🇧🇷 However, the young actress of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent has already amassed more than a decade of acting. Many of these productions are available for streaming, such as the series You and the movie The Nanny: Queen of Deathboth on Netflix.

If you are one of the many who have fallen in love with her work and are interested in seeing her on screen a little more, the has prepared a list with five other productions that sum up his career well.

Life After (2021)

Here we have Jenna Ortega’s first big role in theaters, co-starring alongside Maddie Ziegler. Available on HBO Max, the feature features Ortega as student Vada, a survivor of a school massacre. It was in this tragic situation that she met Mia (Ziegler), a new friendship that develops as the two deal with trauma and try to move on from tragedy.

Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)

The comic vein is another strong point of the actress and even in occasional appearances she has managed to distinguish herself over the seasons. jane the virgin🇧🇷 In the series, adaptation of the Venezuelan soap opera Juliana la virgen, Ortega plays the younger version of the protagonist (played by Gina Rodriguez), who appears in flashbacks in some episodes of the dramatic comedy. Available on Netflix, the production accompanies Jane (Rodriguez/Ortega), a young woman who becomes pregnant after an artificial insemination performed by mistake.

Horror at Studio 666 (2022)

Jenna Ortega, Wandinha, has excelled in horror productions, but also brings dramatic and comedic roles to her resume

Definitely, the year 2022 was not only a period of massive exposure for Jenna Ortega on screen but it was also notable for her presence in horror titles. Indeed, here we follow the traditional mix of horror and comedy, this time with the Foo Fighters members playing themselves as they record a new album in a haunted house. Here the actress has a small role, but she stands out from her by playing one of those weirdos that she does well, like her Wandinha her.

Panic (2022)

Scream 5

The great return of the franchise Panic it saved the original characters of the series but also brought new life to the screen, pardon the pun. And one of the highlights among the new additions is Jenna Ortega. She is Tara, a young woman who survives an assassin’s attack wearing the famous Ghostface costume. A good mix of horror and humor, with metalanguage and self-deprecating quips, the film is one of the best of its genre in 2022.

X: Death Mark (2022)

Released with some delay in Brazil, X: the sign of death is a prime example of A24’s recent crop of horror films. The plot accompanies the cast and directors of a porn film that will be recorded on a farm in the Texas countryside. However, the group fails to inform the owners of the venue – an elderly couple – of the tapings, which sets off a wave of violence. In the film, Ortega is one of the team members who ends up deciding to participate as an actress.

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