Thursday, February 2, 2023

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4 ways to instantly boost your metabolism: your key to fast and successful weight loss!

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We learn how to speed up the metabolism in a simple and accessible way.

If you’ve ever noticed that a friend or work colleague in the same condition as you was losing weight much faster, it could be due to your slow metabolism. There are several ways to reverse the situation and get the metabolism working at full capacity. Memorize 4 simple techniques to speed up your metabolism, giving instant results.

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Green tea

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This healthy drink, which is also an excellent cancer prevention, helps to increase the metabolic rate by 4-5%. Another benefit of green tea is that a cup only has 2 calories, so drink as much as you want.


Two glasses of water, drunk in a row, can speed up the metabolism in 10 minutes, while it increases by up to 30%. This effect lasts for over an hour.


To make the metabolism even stronger, add lemon juice to water. Studies have shown that fitness enthusiasts who receive insufficient amounts of vitamin C burn up to 25% fewer calories than those who take it regularly.


Sit less. Spontaneous activity helps burn 300 to 2000 calories. And now we are not talking about intensive training in the gym: the same cleaning in the apartment or a walk with the dog through the forest will be quite enough for the task.

Photo: Christopher Campbell/Unsplash

Source: The Voice Mag

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