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‘Shrek’ paid tribute to wrestling and few noticed: the 11 moves used

“Shrek” is one of the best animated films of the century thanks to its characters, voice actors (like Eugenio Derbez), humor for children and adults, and endless references to classic fairy tales and popular culture.

One of these references is to one of the iconic sports of Mexican culture and one of the favorites for the public in the United States, we are talking about wrestling.

  • Eugenio Derbez also stars in the series ‘It’s the Joy of Home’, which you can watch for free on ViX.

“Shrek” pays homage to wrestling in the first film

As many fans have compared scenes from “House of the Dragon” to those in “Shrek” or said Guillermo del Toro “copied” “Shrek,” others have noted the heavy references to professional wrestling in the DreamWorks film.

In the 2001 animated film, when Shrek and Donkey go to Lord Farquand’s castle to ask him to resolve the organ swamp situation, they find a knight’s tournament.

The tournament is to find the hero who will go to the tower guarded by a dragon and where Princess Fiona sleeps. But when Shrek arrives, Farquand rules that the champion will be the one to slay the ogre.

Thus begins a match that quickly turns into wrestling, with a ring with ropes, an excited audience, chairs and different moves like wrenches and turnstiles.

“Shrek” the 11 wrestling moves that appear in the movie

Although the scene lasts just under two minutes, all of the moves Shrek makes against the soldiers and knights are actual techniques of some fighters.


Shrek >>> Your favorite fighter #WWE #WWEEspañol

♬ Bad Reputation – Joan Jett

First Shrek enters the ring and pushing himself against the ropes applies a classic Double Clothesline (Double Draw), which consists of running with arms outstretched and hitting the opponent at neck height.

The next move is a scissor kick to the neck of one of the knights. The dragon then executes a Flying Crossbody, known as a plank, leaping off the top rope and crushing his opponent.

Shrek’s next opponent receives his punishment when the dragon applies a Nelson lock (which was very characteristic of Chris Masters) and Donkey, as in a couple fights, gives him a headbutt.

While Shrek celebrates with the crowd, he jumps off the ropes again, but now lands a sit on his opponent’s head, a move usually seen by fighters like Rey Mysterio.

In one of the movie’s meme-worthy moments, the ogre hits one of his opponents with a folding chair, just like in professional wrestling.

The green organ also applies an Irish Whip, taking a soldier by the arm and throwing him into the ropes and giving him a flying kick. Another soldier gets an ankle lock

At one point you can see Shrek perform a signature move of The Undertaker, using his Tombstone Piledriver, which consists of charging the opponent headfirst and “burying” them into the ground as if they were a pillar.

The final moves are a vertical suplex, in which Shrek picks up his opponent and throws him on his back to the ground, and the UFO, or Airplane Spin, which consists of spinning another wrestler over his head.

With this large number of professional wrestling techniques, the movie “Shrek” pays a great tribute to wrestling, and also shows that the actor is an expert, which is why he gives classes on Thursdays and does not charge much.

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