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The owner of Luiza magazine says that businessmen are also responsible for social inequality

In Lisbon, during the Brazil Conference, Luiza Trajano said that only 15% of the country’s households have an automatic washing machine and that it is very sad that inland residents have to walk 10 kilometers to get their first car

The Chairman of the Board of Louise magazine, Luiza Helena Trajanosaid the fight against social inequality it is everyone’s responsibility, even business executives, and not just politicians.

“I’ve been going to the sertão for 12 years. It’s very sad that people have to walk 10 km to get their first car. Without social equality, a country cannot develop,” he said. “Please, let’s get out of the diagnosis. I’ve known this for 30 years Education that’s all. We have to leave to make that happen. Error, please redirect. Hit it, multiply it.”

Speaking of Lisbon in Brazil Conference, promoted by the Grupo de Líderes Empresariais, Luiza highlighted that Brazil has great potential for expansion, also because a large part of the population does not own various goods, such as housewares. She pointed out that of the total number of households in the country, 79% don’t have a vacuum cleaner, 83% don’t have a coffee maker and 91% don’t have a juicer. “Only 15% of households have an automatic washing machine, in a country with 214 million inhabitants. It has many opportunities.”

Lula considers extending the IR exemption this year for those earning up to two minimum wages

Currently at R$1,903, the exemption range would rise to R$2,604; The president has been accused on social media over his campaign promise to exempt those earning up to R$5,000

“73% of our sales are digital. We believe in multi-channel. The customer buys in Belém on the Internet, we have transformed the shops into small distribution centers and collects the product in the shop,” said Luiza Helena. “Digital is a culture, of the simple, of the avant-garde.”

Source: Terra

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