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MP-SP opens an investigation to determine the impact of the street carnival on traffic in Pinheiros

Neighborhood associations complain that the marches impede “free traffic” in the region; the blocks underline the importance of the festival as a cultural event

OR Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP) opened civil investigation this Tuesday 7, to determine the impacts of the Street carnival in the district of Pines, in the west area of ​​São Paulo. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has been contacted by neighborhood associations that criticize the impacts of parades for the “free transit” of the region and for events outside the official program, which starts this Saturday 11.

The Prosecutor’s Office for Construction and Urban Planning of the Capital states that “the closure of public roads for the practice of large carnival events, in the event of a deficiency in its planning, can cause damage to movement in the fundamental axes of the city, as well as access to strategic establishments and essential services such as hospitals”. The blockades highlighted the role of the carnival as a cultural event and tourist attraction, which today places the city as one of the most sought-after by revelers in the country.

The MP-SP mentions “the proximity of the 2023 Carnival, given the possibility, in the indicated period, of the irregular use of public areas and areas of common use by the population, requesting the adoption of inspection and control measures with respect to such use”. Over the past few weekends, some precincts have had street trials and other events outside of the official schedule.

In addition to the opening of the investigation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office lists the recommendations that the Nunes administration must adopt, such as, for example, “adequate control and correct inspection of the use and occupation of public and common spaces, during the period of the carnival holidays (…) in order to avoid the practice of irregular activities, also promoting due safety in activities considered regular”.

The document was also sent to the Military Police and the Municipal Mobility and Traffic Department. The deputy asks for a return with “information on any recorded events, as well as on any inconvenience and problems caused by the irregular use of public areas in the indicated period, taking into account current legislation” and also on the impacts of the marches on “user access to hospitals and other essential and emergency services.

Among the complaints that will be investigated are the parades in Praça Frederico Resende Puech (located at the confluence of Avenidas Pedroso de Morais and Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima), which is next to a nursing home for the elderly. According to the official program of the Town Hall, the site is expected to be blocked, with concentration at 2 pm and dispersion at 7 pm. The Town Hall was approached by the Stadium and will have updated official placement once shipped.

Another criticism is the concentration of more than one block a day around Rua Padre de Carvalho, which would make the “free movement of residents and workers” impossible and “block any access to the region in what should be intervals allowing residents and workers to circulate and have access to basic necessities”. In the pre-Carnival period, the concentration of blocks in the area begins at 10, with compulsory dispersal until 19.

For José Cury, coordinator of the Open Forum of Carnival Blocks São Paulo, which brings together around 200 associations, the justification is the result of the lack of mediation, by the public authorities, between the representatives of the roadblocks and civil society. “For a resident to go so far as to go to the prosecutor to defend a case like this is because he hasn’t found support from public authorities.”

According to him, the dynamic of judicialization in cases like this is old, but the practice may have been strengthened by the fact that this is the first street carnival with an audience similar to pre-pandemic editions. “The resident (block the neighbor) was it almost three years at home and without noise? says Cury. In this shoot, he says, the care in planning the party should have been doubled to avoid further friction.

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