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Which Foo Fighters song is really about Kurt Cobain?

Many fans think ‘My Hero’ is about Kurt Cobain, but another Foo Fighters song talks about the late Nirvana frontman

Long before he was successful as the frontman of foo fightersAmerican rock band, Dave Grohl was the drummer of Nirvanaiconic grunge group led by Kurt Cobain. Over the years of foo fighters, grohl had a lot of influence Cobainbut actually dedicated just one song to the late singer, according to information from loudwire.

As the site reported, that song would be “Friend of a Friend,” which forms part of In Your Honorfifth studio album by foo fighters released on June 14, 2005. However, the track had already been worked on since 1990, the year in which Dave Grohl met the members of Nirvanain addition to staying in the apartment of Cobain in Olympia, Washington.

The lyrics reflect the musician’s first impressions about Kurt Cobain It is Krist Novoselicbassist and one of the founders of Nirvanaas well as commenting on the loan of a guitar and the revelation of a musician who “thinks he drinks too much.”

He needs a quiet room.
With a padlock to lock it
It’s just a silent room
And he is there

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was your friend’s guitar
but he played

In an interview with Q Magazine made in 2005, Dave Grohl stated how worried he was about how fans would react to him sharing a song about Kurt Cobain. “But I also didn’t want to edit myself. I recorded it, people thought it was a powerful song and there it is,” she said. “I had just moved in with Kurt. I knew nobody.”

“I had a battery packed in a box and I’d fly out there. I’d stay up until the sun came up and sleep all day. Olympia, Washington, is depressing enough and I was living with someone I didn’t know. But he had a four-track recorder, so I wrote songs: ‘marigold‘ It is ‘Friend of a Friend.’ It was an observation of Kurt, Krist and me,” he continued.

Source: Rollingstone

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