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Karen Jonz releases the video of “Certeza Absoluta”, recorded in Los Angeles

Singer Karen Jonz he moves the music scene and publishes his unreleased single Absolutely safe, which is already available on digital platforms. The rink also won a batting average of official clip engraved on Los Angeles (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA).

“I wrote this song after experiencing this situation in a meeting, the guy seemed not to pay attention to anything I was saying but then he repeated it as if it was his idea. I’m sure many people have already felt psychologically affected from this”reveals Jonz.

The audiovisual recording of Absolutely safeshot in 16mm in a studio, it deals with this internal war and takes place in a small town where we can see a convenience store, a restaurant and the interior of a house with bedroom and kitchen scenes

while Karen continues singing the song with a few costume changes.


Source: Terra

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