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Taylor Swift: the best songs, according to Rolling Stone

Ranking of the 10 biggest hits of the singer’s career

Taylor Swift will come to Brazil in November with The Eras Tour, celebrated global tour. The concerts take place on the 18th, 25th and 26th, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and bring part of the discography of the singer, who released her most recent studio album, Midnightsat the end of 2022.

Around the same time as the launch, the Rolling Stone USranked all songs from the singer’s career, from worst to best. On their website, you can check out the complete selection with all 229 tracks from taylor until that moment. And here, we list the top 10, according to our partners. check below

1- “All Too Well” (10-Minute Version) (Red (Taylor’s Version), 2021)

After several legal disputes that Taylor had for the rights to her own songs, the singer re-recorded her albums, and the track “All Too Well” got new verses, the 10-minute song got a short film as a trailer. Tells about the relationship taylor with the actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

2- “New Romantics” (2014)

Taylor opens up about rekindling hope and energy after a breakup, she tries to describe feeling grief in the form of coping and the importance of moving forward despite the sadness.

3- Mirrorball” (2020)

In this track Swift describes “the lonely mirrored globe and people drinking at a dance”, talks about the way we divide ourselves into a thousand pieces to please different people. It’s a metaphor for those who always seek to please others, even when they actually feel broken inside.

4- “Delicate” (Reputation, 2017)

Criticizes the media and about wearing the social mask, smiling and always looking good. About her always having to be nice to interviewers, fans and being patient with those who cross the line.

5- “August” (2020)

Despite the happy melody, the track talks about a disillusioned summer love. It is part of the set of tracks on Folklore, about a love triangle, along with the songs Cardigan and Betty.

6- “Long Live” (2010)

Taylor tells of a betrayal, and how all efforts to make the relationship work were wasted but will always be remembered “Long live the barriers we crossed, All the lights in the kingdom shone just for you and me, I was screaming: Life long to all the magic we’ve done, and bring out all the imposters”

7- “Lover” (2019)

“Lover” is Taylor Swift’s seventh album and it’s like a love letter written to her family, work, partner and herself. The song tells the story of a young couple and the fear of losing that romanticism, due to the singer’s jealousy and insecurities.

8- “Blank Space” (1989, 2014)

Hit that remained for seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and received two nominations in the main categories of the Grammy: Song of the Year and Record of the Year. Since its release, the track has sold over 10 million copies, making it Taylor’s biggest hit. “Blank Space” tells the story of an almost perfect courtship, which ends up going downhill due to excessive jealousy of the lyrical self.

9- “Cruel Summer” (Lover, 2019)

It talks about the feeling of being attracted to someone new and about a summer love that, as much as it is very nice, both like each other, but it is something fleeting. A feeling of passion and sadness.

10- “Dear John” (2010)

It deals with a relationship where Taylor was always diminished and put down, how her partner was emotionally unstable and how she never felt enough in this relationship. “You painted me a blue sky, And came back to turn it into rain, And I lived in your chess game, But you changed the rules every day, I wondered which version of you, I would talk on the phone at night “

Source: Rollingstone

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