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The change that Meg White demanded in The White Stripes’ lyrics

Something in this song from ‘Elephant’ (2003) would have aroused the drummer’s dislike, who demanded changes to the lyrics

In 2003, the The White Stripes would experience hitherto unprecedented success. If tracks like “Hello Operator” and “We’re Going to Be Friends” already paved the way for the duo’s success, Jack It is Meg White would reach new heights with their fourth studio album, Elephantwhich would be released that year.

The album started well with the iconic “Seven Nation Army”, which would change the group’s destiny – but it didn’t stop there. Throughout its 14 tracks, the album also included the revamped version of “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” and “There’s No Home for You Here”, to be two highlights of the record. But there was one song on that list that ended up not pleasing Meg White so much.

The track in question is “Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine”the penultimate track of Elephant. A reference to the placebo effect of pharmacology, the song would talk about relationships between men and women, according to Jack White:

“I think it’s this joke about relationships between men and women, when headache medicine starts bothering girls,” said the singer in an interview with Genius.com. “Aspirin, Tylenol, that stuff. It’s like men can take a sugar pill and watch their pain go away, but women always need special care.”

The whole ‘joke’ ended up not being so well received by Meg, who demanded that part of the lyrics be changed before recording. As it was a lyric about relationships, the drummer – known for her reserved and shy personality – was reportedly worried about the possibility of it being a song about herself.

Little has been said about the reasons that would have led the artist to effectively demand changes to the lyrics, but perhaps the poetry may have flirted a little too much with reality. Nothing that Jack confirms, of course:

“It’s kind of a metaphor for taking time to care for someone, I guess.”

Listen to “Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine” below:

Source: Rollingstone

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