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Taylor Swift fans donate or sell half-price tickets after fan’s death and postponement

‘Estadão’ spoke to the fans who gave up performing in Rio after Friday the 17th, when Ana Clara Benevides died; The singer’s fan groups on social media also talk about donations

Many fans of Taylor Swift gave up performances in Rio de Janeiro after the death of Ana Clara Benevides Friday 17. In groups of admirers of the American singer there is talk of selling tickets for a lower price than what was paid or even donating their tickets.

The movement started to happen due to several factors. Many fans were uncertain about the safety of the show after several reports of people feeling sick due to the heat and the death of Ana Clara on Friday the 19th. There are reports of those also putting tickets on sale because they disapproved of Taylor Swift’s show behavior at the show on Sunday 19th, a show following the death of the 23 year old girl.

The singer did not mention Ana Clara Benevides’ name during the show and when Fantasticfrom the TVGlobothe family of the psychology student said they had not received any kind of help, neither from the artist, nor from his team, nor from the event producer, Tickets for Fun (T4F).

OR Estadao I also tried contacting the company to confirm that tickets were available on Monday the 20th. There was no response at the time of publication.

Ticket donation

Giovanna Ponzoni, from Sao Paulo, had a ticket to see Taylor Swift on Sunday 19th. But she also gave up after the latest events with the singer’s shows in Rio de Janeiro. “I’m asthmatic and have breathing problems. When pre-sales opened I could only buy a ticket for RJ. By then I had already closed a hotel and bought a plane”, she says Estadao.

When he saw people getting sick and learned of Ana Clara Benevides’ death, he decided to donate his ticket. “It hurt me a lot to see all this. I posted on Twitter and in some groups that I was donating a superior chair,” she added.

With the cancellation of the hotel, the plane and the ticket itself, which she paid R$528 with convenience fare, Giovanna had a loss of around R$3,000.

“Nobody Buys”

Pedro Roma, a resident of Rio de Janeiro, has attended all of the artist’s exhibitions at the Nilton Santos Stadium, Engenhão. After the show on Sunday 19th, he decided to put his tickets for the premium section of the show on sale this Monday, 20th, at R$ 300 or R$ 400. Half-price and full-price tickets were sold on the official platform website, respectively. , for R$475 and R$950, not counting additional costs.

“I’m trying to sell, but no one buys even at a lower price. I’m selling because I don’t agree with the position and with the team’s position in the face of Ana’s death. It was an omission,” he tells the reporter.

However, Pedro will go to the show if he fails to sell tickets. “I don’t want to lose money,” he adds.

Selling for less than half price

OR Estadao spoke to Isabela Fernandes, 27, who lives in Pernambuco and traveled to Rio de Janeiro just to attend Taylor Swift’s three shows in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. After the first performance, in Engenhão, he was afraid to go to the event this Saturday, the 18th, and announced that he had sold his ticket for less than half the price – he bought it for around R$1700 and resold it for R$650 – on social networks.

“On Saturday I went alone and that’s why I was also scared. When you leave the show, it’s agony, there’s no security. Yesterday there was a robbery, someone from our group was kidnapped on the train. they were my friends from another sector and they also decided not to go today because they were very scared and saddened by the negligence and irresponsibility of the manufacturer who never gave us any support”, he said Estadao.

Groups of fans

In the Facebook group “The Eras Tour 2023 – Buying and Selling Tickets”, Lucas Rezende announced his premium ticket for the concert this Monday 20th, at the price of R $ 550. The ticket costs R $ 950, without counting additional fees , on the official website.

“I made the purchase using site credit and have no interest in getting a refund for that credit. So I’d rather sell,” he wrote in the publication.

Diego Santos announced in the same group the sale of a ticket for the lower west chair of the show this Monday 20, for R $ 300. The ticket price announced on the official website was R $ 750 plus conventional rates.

OR Estadao He tried to contact them both to understand what motivated the decision, but has yet to hear back. The article will be updated when more information becomes available.

Source: Terra

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