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Pedro Sampaio will drive after Madonna’s show in Rio

The Brazilian DJ’s performance has not yet been announced by the Municipality, but the stage will be set up in the next few days

Madonna’s tour organizers will set up another stage in Praia do Leme, southern Rio, to promote the pop diva’s after-performance on Saturday (4/5). The morning party will be hosted by Pedro Sampaio, a leading national artist who has collaborative songs with Anitta and Diplo, who will also be present at the singer’s event.

According to information from the Extra newspaper, the aim of the after-event would be to clean up the streets of Copacabana and the surroundings of the luxurious Hotel Copacabana Palace, where Madonna and her team are staying. Furthermore, the organization expects a large number of people to accompany Pedro Sampaio’s presentation.

The Municipality of Rio de Janeiro has not yet officially announced the show, but the stage will be set up in the next few days.

Source: Terra

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