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Belo announces a new song after the separation from Gracyanne: “Open Letter”

The pagodeiro will speak to the audience through the lyrics of the song, which promises to be a new hit for lovers

Belo announced Tuesday (4/30) that he will release a new song following his split from Gracyanne Barbosa. The pagodeiro admitted that he doesn’t know if he is willing to develop the song, which will be a sort of open letter.

In the advertising video, Belo offers a very suggestive dialogue on the theme of the song. “Yes, no matter how many difficult times we go through in life, I don’t need to give you life lessons, because being a mature and experienced guy has been through a lot. You always responded with music. I’ve never seen you chatting with anyone on the Internet “, says one person he was talking to.

“I’ve never seen you do a show like that. You’ve always responded to everything with music. You’re not the type to go around talking about yourself a lot. You’re reserved, right? So, how you present yourself to the world is through the life of your songs. So, the way you present yourself to the world is through the life of your songs. So, I want you to see ‘I change’ as an open letter.”

Belo also wanted to respond in the publication’s caption regarding his expectations regarding the new project: “Music will always be the way I speak to the world… I just don’t know if I’m prepared,” reflected the pagodeiro.

Internet users went crazy over the news, which they consider the next “high” for lovers. “I’m the one who’s not prepared, bro, come slow with this open letter,” one of Belo’s followers joked. “Make sure the man only throws strong stuff,” another profile said.

Source: Terra

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