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Pabllo Vittar carries the Madonna during concert rehearsals

The American singer rehearsed wearing a balaclava and accompanied by samba rhythmists

Madonna had her first rehearsal on the Copacabana stage this Thursday night (2/5). Wearing a pink balaclava that hid her entire face, she rehearsed the hit “Music” featuring her lei dancers, as well as Pabllo Vittar and samba rhythmists. During one part of the show, which featured a huge Brazilian flag on the stage screen, Pabllo hugged Madonna, lifting her to the point where he was carrying her in his lap. The two artists also waved the country’s flags during the sound check, but the Brazilian did not sing at any point.

The rehearsal was Madonna’s first public appearance since arriving in Brazil.

Other songs sampled included “Burning Up” from their debut album and “Nothing Really Matters” from “Ray of Light.”

The show will take place on Saturday (4/5) on the sand of Copacabana, with expectations of attracting up to 1 million people.

Source: Terra

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