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Google sued by MPF and DPU for dissemination of hate speech

O Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Union Public Defender’s Office (DPU) took legal action against Google and those responsible for YouTube channels that broadcast hate speech and incited violence. The initiative aims to remove posts and regulate content disseminated by police officers in podcast and videocast programs on the platform, aiming to protect the right to freedom of expression from possible abuse.

The action aims to ensure that the State adopts appropriate disciplinary measures, regulating the use of social networks by military police officers and supervising the misuse of platforms by public agents. This occurs due to the dissemination of posts with violent and discriminatory content by police officers, inciting violence and stigmatizing poor, black and peripheral communities.

The investigation began after reports from Ponte Jornalismo highlighted the violent content broadcast by police officers on several channels in the YouTube. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office for Citizens’ Rights MPF in Rio de Janeiro and DPU began investigation procedures in light of this worrying reality.

“The lack of investigation and disciplinary measures in relation to content broadcast on podcasts and videocasts is alarming. This omission perpetuates harmful practices without consequences, undermining trust in the police institution and exposing communities to potential harm”, stated Julio Araujo, deputy regional attorney for Citizens’ Rights in Rio de Janeiro, and Thales Arcoverde, regional Human Rights defender.

O MPF and the DPU requested the Federal Court to immediately delete the excerpts mentioned in the action and take measures for future cases. They also asked for the supervision and moderation of content posted on specific channels by Google. Furthermore, they seek that the State regulate hate speech by members of the Military Police and adopt disciplinary measures in relation to the cases mentioned in the action.

As reparation for collective moral damages, the MPF and the DPU They demand that Google be ordered to pay R$1 million and the military police, R$200,000. These measures aim to contain the harmful spread of hate speech on digital platforms and protect the fundamental rights of citizens.

Source: Atrevida

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