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Elis Regina: listen to the new version of ‘For Lennon and McCartney’

The single For Lennon AND McCartneynow available on the label’s main music apps Plot, features Elis Regina’s voice recovered from studio files dating back to 1976 and restored with the help of advanced artificial intelligence programs. Under the production of João Marcello Boscolithe work was guided by the sound engineer Ricardo Camera and supervised by the singer Pedro Mariano.

The new arrangements were written by Marcelo Maita and align with the essence of the past production, making the singer’s stupendous interpretation even more exciting. Then the instrumental parts recorded by Daniele de Paula (drums), Robinho Tavares (Bass), Corrado Goys (guitar), João Marcello Boscoli (synth and percussion) e Marcelo Maita (piano and analog synthesizer).

Another noteworthy aspect is that only vintage equipment was used, in some cases exactly identical to that used in the original recording. Mixing and mastering were also handled by Camera.

The launch marks a special moment for Plotstarting the so-called Phase III:”What few people know is that the name Trama was inherited from the company that Elis had in the 1970s. When André Szajman and I founded the company in 1998, we saw it as a continuity, a new phase of the work we had begun.” explains Boscoli.

A Plot, now in its new phase, envisages a series of actions to reaffirm its presence on the market. This includes the rescue, digitization and restoration of historic recordings, remastering of its collection and releases by MPB’s new generation of artists.

Source: Terra

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