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Eloy Casagrande: Jim Root confesses that Slipknot ‘didn’t even try’ to audition other musicians

Eloy Casagrande, who took over the drums for Slipknot in April, would have been the only musician considered to replace Jay Weinberg

Jim Rootguitarist of Slipknot, revealed the audition process for the band’s new drummer. At the end of April, Eloy Casagrande was announced as a member of the group. He replaced Jay Weinberg.

In an interview with Tone-Talk (via NME), Root stated that the Slipknot played two shows recently to “introduce the new drummer to the world”. “Now it’s time to move forward, move onwards and upwards and do a lot more rehearsals. I need to get into writing mode so we can compose songs that live up to the drums of the Eloybecause that guy is a world-class drummer”, he continued.

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The guitarist also spoke about how the band got in touch with the Brazilian, confessing that Eloy was the only musician considered for the role on drums: “We didn’t even try anyone else. The name of the Eloy emerged. He actually reached out to us, wanting to be a part of this, and started uploading a bunch of videos. I think he and our bass player knew each other. They had mutual friends. And the Vman [baixista do Slipknot] It’s really connected to a lot of incredible musicians who are passionate about their instruments. And it seemed obvious.”

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“And he really respects the legacy of Joey [Jordison]and the Joey was a great influence on him. And he is so humble. The guy has so much humility. And you can see that he simply lives and breathes his art, to the point where I see his passion and it ignites mine for my instrument.”

Root added, “It feels amazing. It just fits so well. I don’t know, man. There’s a lot of things I can say about it. I’m just glad it happened when it did. And we’re lucky to have it — we really have a lot of Lucky to have this guy.”

Source: Rollingstone

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