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Beatles would have released fewer albums if it weren’t for Paul McCartney, says Ringo

As Ringo Starr recalled, Paul McCartney always asked musicians to focus in the studios during the Beatles’ creative process.

With 13 studio albums in total, Beatles would have released fewer albums in their acclaimed career if it weren’t for Paul McCartneyaccording to the drummer Ringo Starrwho described his former bandmate as a “workaholic,” English term about a person who works compulsively.

It is worth remembering how this relationship Paul with a great workflow with the songs is shown in the documentary The Beatles: Let It Be (197), re-released with restored scenes in Disney+ on May 8, 2024. In production, the bassist and singer of Fab Four He took the reins in different situations and always asked for changes in notes and compositions.

During an interview with the journalist Dan Rather at AXSTV, Ringo Starr commented on how the members of the legendary rock group did not get along, and the insistence of Paul McCartney at work had an effect on their productivity.

“No, no, we didn’t get along. We were four boys, we had an awakening. That never got in the way of the music, no matter how bad the fight was,” said the artist (via NME). “Once the count was over, we all did our best. And that was a little later too, which I think was a natural thing, you know.”

“Suddenly we have lives and children and, you know, the effort that we put in because we worked so hard started to pale a little bit and we’re always thankful for Paul to this day,” he continued Starr. “Because of the Paulwhich was the workaholic of our band, we made a lot more records than John [Lennon] and I would have done. We would like to sit a little longer and then Paul I’d say, ‘All right, boys,’ and we’d go in.”

Source: Rollingstone

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