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With producer Rael and Maneva, Gu Andersen releases “Se Preciso For”

The song, which will arrive on the apps this Friday (17), is signed by Bruno Dupré and has a music video directed by Rodrigo Pysi

Here comes another production signed by the renowned Bruno Dupréwhich has productions for Maneuver AND Viegas (“Posso Ser”) and singer of Brasativa. Gu Andersen “Se Preciso For” is released on Friday 17 May, with beats inspired by Reggae and R&B, as well as romantic and light lyrics.

The good mood promises to conquer anyone who plays the song, after all, it is inspiring, with a powerful chorus and wants to make you dream and chase your dreams. Furthermore, the bass and drums of the song transport the listener towards traditional Jamaican songs, with a slightly more pop timbre. The experience is amplified with an acoustic and danceable touch, using instruments such as clavinet, guitar solos and brass instruments.

“I believe this song brings to mind the feeling that when we fall in love with someone, regardless of the reason, we must create ways to make connections, listening to our intuition and acting with courage, because we never know how something new can transform our life for the better We already have the no. And if the yes comes, new experiences and learning will come, bringing with it evolution and perhaps a great passion”, stated the artist.

Special clip

Gu Andersen arrives with a strong team around him: in addition to Dupre, Rodrigo Pysi, one of the exponents of the national music video circuit, signs the visual project, shot in Sao Paulo in the heart of the city of Sao Paulo: Avenida Paulista.

The setting couldn’t be more perfect: a beautiful sunset, near one of the largest shopping centers in the area, Cidade São Paulo, and the participation of Simone Makhamra, actress, astrologer and friend of the singer, who received many compliments from l ‘artist.

Next steps

The singer has a lot of work to do in the coming months of 2024. In addition to the released songs and the new single, he wants to release his new album, with 10 songs, called “As Minhas Armas São Flores” to the world. 8 of them will have music videos.

The concept of the album talks about the principles of the album’s main genre: reggae. Furthermore, “Sexto Sentido”, a new one, and the already released “De Encontro ao Meu Sol”, philosophize about real connections and love. He also highlights that there will be songs with a peaceful protest character, in addition to the poetry present in each track.

“I believe that art has the power to connect people to something greater and this is what drives me to compose, play and sing, cultivating and sharing positive messages that strengthen our purpose,” he said.

Finally, he said that the work will not stop: he has a new album planned for 2025, but with New MPB, Pop and Folk influences. Another point is that she wants to tour, establish new partnerships and expand her career.

Data sheet

  • Composition: Gu Andersen
  • Music Production: Bruno Dupré
  • Production and direction of the video clip: Rodrigo Psi
  • Music Publishing Agency: NAV
  • Choirs: Heidi Monezzi
  • Trombone: André Mitsuoka
  • Saxophone: Décio “Buga” Junior
  • Piano and keyboards: Bruno Marcucci
  • Mixing and mastering: Fabio Chapa
  • Vocal and guitar pickups: Hataka Studios
  • Guest actress for the clip: Simone Makhamra

Source: Terra

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