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Boninho mocks Yasmin Brunet’s trip to the BBB 24 confessional

Right after another elimination in the BBB 24, Cute published a video on social media and shared a moment of suspense. Thus, the program director said that he brought together some professionals when he saw that Yasmin Brunet I wanted to enter the confessional. Before the wall, she stated that she would do this if David stay at the house. However, the model only asked for a pack of cigarettes.

Climão in Big Brother. Yasmin promised and did what she said. ‘If Davi stays, I’ll go to the confessional’. And it was. And then we called the psychologist, we called the management. I got involved, I almost went there too. We sat in the confessional and heard Yasmin make her statement, and she said: ‘I ran out of cigarettes. Can you send more cigarettes?’ Take a whole pack. Come on, Big!“, he joked Cute on video.


The summary of BBB 24 arrives with the details of yet another elimination. With tense and mysterious speech until the end, Tadeu Schmidt made the brothers very anxious. However, the expectation was confirmed. With 70.33% of the votes, Michel said goodbye to the game in a direct dispute with David, which had 28.73%. Already Alane he didn’t even receive 1% to leave the entertainment program.

Soon after leaving the most watched house in the country, Michel participated in “Bate-Papo – BBB” and commented on his main moments in the game. Thus, the geography teacher assessed his relationship with David, who ended up being his main rival on the reality show. But anyone who thinks that the eliminated player lessened his tone against the Bahian is mistaken. In one of the responses, he called his opponent “boring“.

Davi is a very annoying person, guys. He’s difficult, I don’t know how he’s being seen in Brazil. What bothered me was the way he played. At first we tried to play together, but I realized it wasn’t possible. Because he thought I was a weak player, he always came after me“, shot Michel during the interview.

Source: Atrevida

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