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Reflecting, talking about taboos and separation, Junior releases the second part of his solo album: ‘New Layers’; see interview

“Solo – Volume 2” takes Junior into a pop atmosphere with rock and soul. Disco features Gloria Groove

It took him a while to launch a solo career, but maybe it took him long enough. Junior he tried everything he wanted in music: from rock to electronic, from experimental to MPB, and he understood that his destiny was in its origin: the pop. But without losing any of these essences that he has acquired in his 35 years Of the road.

It is in this sense that the singer arrives, this Thursday (23rd), with the second part of his “jump” to an individual career: Solo – Volume 2 comes to close the nightclub who, seven months ago, returned Junior to the place that has always been his: the throne of a true one pop idol national.

If the first part of the album presented itself with an extremely pop and dance flavour, different from what Junior had done up to then, the second part also surprises. Solo volume 2 delivers to the public – who already adores him and also to those who don’t know him yet – the experiences of an artist who has learned to be what he wants to be: pop, rock, soul and whatever else the musical heart dictates.

In a press conference, Junior said that the second part had exactly this interest: to show its facets a little more. And there are many of them.

“I think maybe the main thing is to allow myself to let other influences speak out loud about the sound and things like that. There are times when it becomes more rock n roll, there are times when it becomes more ‘heady,’ where I fall into some head-scratching conversations, there are instrumentals, I think this volume 2 helps to round it out, to reveal a little more about me, about my work, about who I am today as an artist. Amplify volume 1 further, enter in new directions and helps bring new layers there.”

Junior said he couldn’t wait for this release because the second part of the album expands on the first work and he thought it would be interesting to divide it into two parts to better understand himself as an artist.

The songs were designed in different ways, but they started the way Junior learned: on his own. Then the reinforcements arrived, which increased the talent that the artist had always shown since he was a child.

“There was a period where I was very alone to be able to understand and discover what the sound of this album would be, what is the personality of this pop artist that I aim to bring. After a few months and almost 20 songs I started looking for partners, I did some with Thalles Horovitz, some with Dani Black, and there came a time when I thought I wanted to amplify it even more. I did a composition camp, with really amazing composers, we went through five whole ones days of non-stop composing, from which I managed to get everything that came in for Volume 1 and Volume 2.”

Listening to the album, both part one and part two, it’s not difficult to understand the musical influences that brought him here and shaped Junior as an artist. But he points out that this isn’t always something objective in music, it often comes subjectively.

“In each song I can name half a dozen. But there are some that I feel are influences from my life that inevitably appear, which are the heroes who come to visit me while I create, which are Michael, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz From Brazil Lenine, Gil, Caetano, Gadú, Cássia Eller, Nando Reis, I think they are, sometimes, non-direct influences, but it’s a spirit, a feeling that I want to bring into a song, a kind of impulse, the way I want convey it, that music makes you dance, sometimes just the sound, it’s not necessarily a specific song or groove.”

Place of understanding

One of the new songs, Out of the boxit’s a vent that addresses the feeling of not belonging. Growing up in the spotlight and countless fingers pointed at him, Junior said we can now say he really is found a way that belongs to you.

“Yes. I think so, in that sense, yes. But in music the meaning goes to this need for adaptation of a person who came from a construction of a time in which everything was analog and suddenly everything became digital. Life an artist’s public life is completely different today than in the days of Sandy and Junior, so it requires a lot of adaptation and this thing where we have our device with us all the time, with a computer, a screen within reach, if at all we’re not even sick if we don’t have that. It bothers me, I think so too, I’m a digitalized person too, but at the same time I know the value of being present when you don’t have a phone.

Participation of Gloria Groove

If there’s one thing that Junior What we have learned in these more than three decades in music is to be plural, to move through the most diverse musical styles and bring them together.

It’s no surprise that the singer decided to do a rock crossover with the songs featured music Hungerin which he participates Gloria Groove. The singer was the only guest for a business on this solo album.

“The choice was based on the song. We made it in the field of composition. It already had an arrangement similar to what it became, the atmosphere was already more or less the same. And then I always felt that it had a lot to do with it, I follow her work and have always been aware of her talent, she sings a lot, she composes, she writes, she also has a very varied way of making music. She is also quite eclectic in terms of style and all the work, behind the scenes of a TV show, and I invited her personally, I sent her the song, she liked it a lot and then it was a matter of finding a date compatible with mine and her commitments to get together in the studio and finish the song”.

Music as a message

Junior comes from an artistic school where the lyrics and musical arrangements spoke for themselves. When you put the two parts of the album together, this becomes very apparent. Even in the most danceable songs, the letter speak to the listener and lead to Message.

In the first album, among other examples, the singer brought a song entitled Screw this, which was nothing more than a “scream” about everything he had experienced. The second part is full of possible messages, including You can be lightwhich in itself is a message.

The song, as Junior said, was created to talk about the moment of overcoming a difficult period experienced in his marriage, during the pandemic. He, who usually doesn’t expose much private lifehe decided to open it because he believed in the message it could convey.

“I wanted to bring this into the music because I think it’s something so important for us, to look and understand that we could be much lighter than we were, that we just had to make an effort for this and understand what it was by bringing the problems onto the problems themselves and not about our relationship, I thought it would be interesting to put it out into the world and talk about it, because I think other people might need to hear it too.

And the tour, will it come?

With the release of albums, requests are inevitable, not only from fans, but also from the media: when Junior fall in street AS new album?

The singer immediately stated that the construction of the project made him even more available Shows. Also because, while producing the songs, he realized how much they could work liveNobody stage.

“I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit yeah. I really like performing, I like this energy for the show, that these songs have. So I didn’t just do it with that in mind, but there was a part of me which he thought was “huge”. Since I really miss doing shows, in many moments I imagined myself, so this feeling occurred a few times, not only from me, but also for the people who worked this little thought lives and prepares the material to be able to experience it again”.

From tours, Junior reassures fans that it is indeed coming. But it didn’t open at your placeeven though he said yes anxious for this moment.

“The idea is second halfI don’t know yet, I can’t be sure. It gives me some anxiety, but the show, the stage, is the place where I feel most at home, where I free myself the most, so at the same time I’m more excited to do it immediately than to see it from the outside. I prefer to have fun with the audience because, just as I miss seeing myself on stage, I know I have an audience that has this need and wants to be there with me. The biggest anxiety is wanting it soon.”

If in the first volume of the album, the song that brought Junior back to pop said: “back home”, what we can say is that he has truly found his address. And you shouldn’t give up.

Junior – Solo – Volume 2 – songs:

11 – Your plans

12 – Scene from the film (Junior and Thalles Horovit)

13 – You can be light (Tuyo)

14 – Soul and Sister (creative camp with Junior, Thalles Horovit, Gavi, Bibi, Aguida and Mayra



16 – Tabu (Mayra Arduini, Bibi, Lucas Vaz)

17 – Fame (Junior and Gloria Groove)

18 – Save yourself if you can (Junior)

19 – Outside the box (Junior and Thalles Horovit)

20 – Trap (Junior)


22 – Abstinence (Junior)

23 – Will it always be like this? (Junior).

Source: Terra

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