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Eminem will appear in a documentary about music piracy

Eminem will appear in a documentary about music piracy

The streaming platform Fundamental+ revealed last week at trailer special on the new documentary How music became free which will detail “the fascinating and often funny inside story of the technology-driven revolution that changed music in the late ’90s and early 2000s,” informed the The Hollywood journalist.

According to the synopsis of How music became free, “File sharing technology, combined with the insatiable demand for new music, has created the means and motivation for millions of young people to participate in outright robberies – and be celebrated for it.”

The documentary will be co-produced by rap singer Eminem and basketball player LeBron Jameswith the project signed by Alex Stapleton. The audiovisual production will see the participation of 50 Cent, Jimmy Iovine, Timbalandamong others.

In the trailer, the rap singer Eminem explains: “When Napster came out, I still didn’t understand the Internet. I thought Yahoo was a person. Here’s what you don’t understand if music was supposed to be free. I’ve got a whole army of people who need your paycheck.”


Source: Terra

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